Do you like moving? I do. And same time I am the biggest hater of moving for sure. Oh gosh, right now it’s driving me crazy! It’s been wonderful as I have had so much time to work on it, but now the time is ending so fast and I can’t do anything to help it myself. The pandemic has caused so much delays by affecting too many things and I am not good at handling something I can’t fix up by myself. I am the boss lady always making sure everything goes perfectly and when it’s not in my own hands, the stress becomes terrible.

At first, I’ve been waiting for the furnitures for over a month already. Secondly, not the organization I was going to make furniture donations for was allowed to take them due the pandemic, so after all I ended up donating stuffs online which was pretty much killing me. The delays of new furnitures caused so much issues with donating my recent ones, that some of them just got destroyed. Uggh!

Moving is never easy, but in 2020 I can’t recommend it for anyone haha! However, it’s getting much better tomorrow when I am actually having a first friend coming to visit me in the morning. Online, but that’s still something I am feeling so darn excited about!

So, this morning I had to do something to ease the stress, I just couldn’t handle it anymore, it became too painful all the ways. I had planned to get everything done and finished until the end of this month, but obviously it’s not going to happen. After all even the Google Mesh device messed up with me with such an awful delay (I mean really awful, like two months for now!) so I had no choices after waiting, but just accept the fact I won’t get it in time. So this morning I ordered another device, ugly AF, but no can do. I am going to hide it in a closet so I don’t have to see it. It’s just so frustrating as I have worked so hard to make it all be perfect and now even the internet device is f*cking with me.

However, this morning I needed to take a timeout. I called to electricity company to continue the electricity at both addresses for one more month, the same thing I needed to do with internet. Even though I am not yet having the damn device at new home.

Every morning I have got started with such an energy booster smoothie to keep going. I keep the variation up by changing the berries, brans and seeds, but the base I keep same everyday as I just love banana in smoothie so much. I have kept cleaning up the new home and building things up all the ways possible.

And organizing things the way I do.

While cleaning up and organizing things I have done some necessary shoppings like new textiles matching all each other and also enjoying of early mornings by the seaside. I just love having new home by the ocean.

I have kept focus on breathing the fresh air, I have had terrible migraines lately for sure because of stress, and it feels like nothing else but actually fresh air eases it. Wearing mask makes it worse because of my poor lungs, but no can do – we gotta stay safe.

The fall is so beautiful and our new neighborhood is most wonderful place I can even dream about. Even if all the delays are adding my stress and driving me crazy, I am same time living my best life.

Picasso stays at new home with me on those days when I am organizing things meaning most of the time, but with nanny then when there will be delivery company bringing stuffs inside and out, or someone else doing something like installing things. He doesn’t deserve even a bit of stress.

Everyday I make sure he has some special mama-time. We have been like a little mess what comes to the routines and healthy eating while moving, but that’s life. Now I just keep wishing no more delays will pop up and we could finally get this moving finished.