Good night sweet dear ones. As always when I am writing, there’s a certain point of my post. Not everyone gets it, but if even few of my readers do, I feel it matters. Not often, well, kinda never I start my post by revealing the point right away on very first sentences. And now, here you go: at what expense we are ready to sacrifice our own possible life time happiness? At uncertainty. At our own fears coming from past haunting us and telling us after all we will get hurt, fall apart and will be left alone.

My life has never been easy. Still, in my life there has been wonderful things which has brought some love and comfort into my life. But always it has asked some courage. So when there is a risk having nothing else but a broken heart in the end, I am not scared. Let me tell you why: because in the end that’s what you will have left anyway no matter what you choose. The thing we don’t prethink and preprocess is the fact that in the end in this life we were born to die. All of us. So no matter how many time you will run away from love, because you are afraid, in the end you will whether regret or feel gratefulness for yourself for being so brave for giving your heart and holding someone’s in your own. Even if when you will finally reach the one of yours, there will be a day you will lose them or they loses you, because of the rule of life; the birth and death. There has to be a balance, nothing lasts forever. Though, I myself believe that the selfless, pure, brave love does.

Yes, there are romantic examples what comes to movies like Titanic, Romeo and Julia, I even say Gladiator. Last week someone told me they know if they ever needed something, I would do everything and even more to help them out. Choosing their life before my own. Because that’s how my heart loves.

I am not such risk taker, but the life has shown me how darn fragile it is and made me understand that the opportunity to love is never worth wasting no matter how much it may hurt. Also, it should tell you a lot if there is a risk of broken heart: this person really creates the biggest feelings in you and it’s not obvious. And that’s what makes the difference between others. So I can only say it’s pure stupidity to run away just because you are unsure or scared. Your heart knows what it wants and what it needs, the regret will haunt you if you won’t follow it.

Stop running away sweetheart, you are worth much more than your fears.