Lola Pähkinämäki

Dear readers,

I am most honored to see you have kept reading my blog since it was founded in 2014. I started when I was around my twenties and so soon getting closer and closer to be 30 years old. Still feeling like a kid every single day and not got rid of my deepest love in Barbie.

Life has been changed a lot, but I still keep sharing my life and style here and on Instagram and can’t even think about quitting it. As my main job I am still working as a graphic designer and also fashion designer under my own brand Lola Pahkinamaki Design. Additional as a nutrition coach, a personal trainer, a model and an animal rescuer with several cooperation organizations.

I wish you find some inspiration and probably some motivation as well by reading my text. Never forget the life is right now and keep living it up at this moment while same time being smart, kind and the best version of your precious self.

Much love xoxo,