The best reference of my coaching is I myself.
See all the coaching options below. For starting and more information email me

Weight loss coaching:
I understand what it is to be overweight, what it ask to lose some weight and tone the skin up. It’s not easy, but it doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable, too. With me you will hit your goals healthy but effectively, without nasty hunger or cravings.
Weight loss meal plan starting from 99€

Weight loss coaching including meal plan starting from 249€

Painonpudotus ruokavalio alk. 99€ +alv
Painonpudotus valmennus alk. 249€ +alv

Eating disorder recovery coaching:
I do understand what it is when the life gets too difficult to handle anymore, when you find yourself in middle of the eating disorder. I have comfortable and effective keys for recovery and for final body positivity.
Eating disorder recovery meal plan starting from 89€
Eating disorder recovery coaching including meal plan starting from 199€

Ruokavalio syömishäiriöstä toipumiseen alk. 89€ +alv
Valmennus syömishäiriöstä toipumiseen alk. 199€ +alv

Fitness & bodybuilding coaching:
I also do know how to build some muscles, how to eat and workout the best way for gaining some muscles without getting chubby.
Bodybuilding meal plan starting from 99€

Bodybuilding coaching including meal plan starting from 249€

Ruokavalio massanlisäykseen alk. 99€ +alv
Valmennus massanlisäykseen alk. 249€ +alv

Nutrition coaching:
Sometime we are just interested in health and want to know and learn more. With me you will learn how to boost your health, your mind, your viscera, your metabolism and your brains to work better by nutrition.
Nutrition coaching starting from 79€

Ravintovalmennus alk. 79€ +alv