I often hear people telling how badly they have been treated. That’s kinda natural as when something negative happens, it hurts. But if we close our eyes from the truth, from the reality that all of us here are hurting and suffering one day, one by one, one at a time. Some of us more, some of us less, but that’s something which we all have in common.. Every single person, no matter what, just a different way and we all have our own story, abilities and support systems to handle it and get up, heal themselves and keep going. And if we get up and keep going, most people think they are like heros without understanding the actual part “healing and processing” which both leads understanding. So unfortunately, I can’t see them being heros, they are just humans who most and way too often gets to so bitter and find themselves as victims forever.

Instead, them real heroes are them who rise and rise again and will never get bitter or feel or ask “why this has to happen to me?”. The sad truth is, that if it’s not happening to you, it will happen anyway to someone else. So how could you ever feel that way? How can you feel someone else would deserve it, but not you? Would you really bring your suffer to someone else, if you could? And if you honesty, sweet dear, if you honestly feel that way, it’s time to have a break: look into mirror and face yourself and your own personality and values.

The difference between victims and heroes is exactly very simple: true human heroes, who are just normal kind-hearted, empathetic persons and actually they are all around you just have to keep your heart open to see and feel them. They, instead of hanging in bitterness and victimizing themselves put all their energy out to growing their understanding and self-growth, keeping focus on gratitude instead of whining because they are very aware of what the other side of suffer is which why they are not stupid enough to waste their time there by laying in there. So, how do they do that? They face things, they face them traumas and handle them off one step at a time.

As I said, every single day there is someone who feels way too much pain to handle whether physically or emotionally. And if it’s not your turn just right now in this moment, in this hour, in this minute – live for it. Feel the life, smile, laugh even for your happiness! YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!