There is a reason I’ve been so quiet. I have been so down for so many reasons. Since my dearest Picasso passed. They say when something ends, it’s a fresh start of something else. Yes, obviously it is. But in my life, I got in stuck in past. And actually, without even understanding I did it for way long time. And now I am working hard for facing it. Facing that for past two years I ran in the same darn circle and forgot myself, when all I should have done, was saving myself. From what? From all the abuse, torture, pain, and self-harm. And so many tried. So many did. But as you know, you have to want it by yourself until anyone else could help. And I was way too deep down to even understand, realize that. I was a mess. And no one noticed.

Due 10 years and plus relationship I became so blind. And same time, all the time, there was my savior close to me. Oh, how many years we missed. But we have them now forward, darling, you saved me until nothing was left. I love you forever.

What I am saying, I am really rising and getting back there, no matter how much that someone out there I left behind wants to destroy my future and career, I won’t give up. I will rise again. I will and I do. For me, for you, for us, for the world. I will be back.

Honey, I love you. And I love the world <3

xoxo Lola