After the Tv show (Sinkut Paljaana) it’s been hard. So much violence. For what and why? Someone admiring me so much that he wants to own me. As police said: “if I can’t have her, no one will”. Madness. MADNESS!!!
3 woundings, one beating and one raping. Is that beautiful to tell? Fuck no! But my blog is always as what the life is; reality. Honesty. Because no matter what or who you are, we are just humans. We are all the same. WE ALL ARE THE SAME DESPITE THE SOCIAL STATUS or whatever what. We are all the SAME. We are equal. Well, that’s that’s what I wish!!

But yes. I have had a broken eye hole bone, three woundings and one raping. How does it feel? Awful. I feel so fu*cking terrible bad. But I am trying to cope. I need some crisis help from SERI (Sexual Crime Support Center)

After latest violence I had very bad brain damage, I lost 4-5 years of my memory. So what it means? No, I can’t remember people, I can’t remember the TV Show we made. When I woke up in a hospital I was in panic still havin my ex in my life. Doctors told me it’s gone.

And then I got to know Moses is not just big version of Picasso. So no, I am grieving again. He is GONE!!! He is dead. And I can’t handle it. But.. I have Moses. Huge version of him and he is amazing service dog. Well the training will take two years or more, but he will be amazing. Just trying to handle this. But how the he*ll I could do that? I have been so freaking lost. And I am. And no one understand. I am lost. I am so lost. And I need some safety.

Short post and I am not sharing them pics of the wounds of violences, you have seen then on my instagram, but I don’t wanna see them anymore. NEVER. I am trying to get to know people again. Hard way. A long way. But I keep fighting.

Not so sexy, I am sorry for that, but that’s the reality right now.