How to know how to make them right decisions in life? As we can’t see to the future we have to be aware of ourselves; our real feelings and where they are coming from for following them. Not without understanding that, really knowing ourselves, we can’t trustfully follow our feelings. So how and what to make them decisions based on, then?

I so often talk about values no only when I am coaching people, but in life, at the moment. Values are different thing than how we you feel. Feelings changes, but values stays. Of course, values can change as well while we are growing as humans, but when you know your own base and live in balance, typically our values stays, we just get them some more by exploring more the world and life. And, by learning more and more about ourselves.

Values consist of what do you value in life, what matters in a big picture. You can start seeking them by thinking what kind of person you would like to be. As a human, when forgetting all the material. Of course, for someone the money and riches can be one of the values, and when it really is they can always give them arguments for that, for why. And very often I recommend you asking from yourself the magical question which all my clients know: why?

For example for myself my value is not money or riches, but ability to take care of myself and having them daily needs. Not more I need, but I know what it is to live like when you have less.

So when you are pondering how to choose in whatever situations, follow your values and you will know the one and only decision, and you won’t regret the result come what may. Because when choosing by based on your own values you always know, that if you would have choose another way, but reached the better result, you would have done against yourself as a human, which by time only adds some anxiety, unhappiness and making us feel not okay with ourselves.

Some of my own values looks like this. I have made you this list and arguments after them for helping you to do deeper research of yourself and finding your own values.

• Charity. I have been there by having nothing and everything I have ever had before I fell ill, I have earned on my own. Chairty has always, even when I didn’t have anything, and I mean, anything, been very important to me. For me it has always given a wonderful feel to give something for making others feel better, whether my time, things I don’t need or what I can donate, even money always when I can. It gives me a peace in my heart.

• Honesty. Not without trust there is anything. Not in my life. I very carefully choose who I let in and who I keep out. My values, understanding myself, helps me to choose better with these people as well. The rule number one in my life is no lies. When someone asks, I’ll tell the truth, but as my values also guides me on my path, I understand the difference who to talk about my personal life and who not.

• Health. For me it has not always been important. When I was younger. I tried different kind of diets and so, I didn’t care when I fell ill, but pushed myself through everything. These days I understand, that if I really want to live a long, good live, I have to do everything for my own health. Mental health and physical health, to keep going. As if I am sick I won’t be as useful as I could be when I am healthier possible.

• Family. For me it consist of friends as not real family I have left here no longer. I have learned that you don’t have to share the same blood to love someone like a family member and receiving similar love back. My own tiny circle, my family, is always there for me when I need and I am always there for them. And yes, I am very careful who I include.

• Gratitude. It gives me some peace to start my everyday by thinking at least ten of things I am grateful for no matter what. Due the deepest stress it helps me to keep going as well.

• Career. To me career is something which makes me feel good inside. I am very creative person and oh my goodness how thankful I can be for there for helping so many people by giving them something that really help with them. Mainly on marketing. But for other things as well.

We humans consist of our values and when we make decisions based on our values, we can choose the best way and in all probability may right. So make so deeper research of yours and find our your own.

With love,