When talking about positivity and how to stay positive due such hard time, I have something to say about it. I also have some tips for improving your mindset under intolerable stress, sadness, anger.. what ever feeling which ties you up into negative energy. Is it easy? No. If it was we would not have such things like depression and negativity in this world. So the next question is: is it possible? Yes, it is. Why it wouldn’t be? Because you have to do the work? Well, there you go, you said it: the first key is believing in yourself. When you are down it’s freaking difficult to believe in yourself. It’s normal and totally understandable. But believe me: you can. I promise you.   1. Things could be even worse.
Imagine the real worst case in this situation. Despite this madness, make a list of things you still have in a good shape in your life. Go very deep: into your economic, into your health, into your body parts working, into environment around, into people and animals you still have in your life. And how about that you are still alive? It’s probably painful right now, but as you are still here it means there is a meaning for your existence.

2. What could you learn from this situation? 
Every hit, every break down, every loss, every fail, every disappointment.. they have always taught me something. I believe that there is something behind the quote: “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. There are different kind of dying; physical and emotional. It’s not obvious you get stronger even if you stayed alive physically. So instead I would say: “what doesn’t kill you, makes you smarter”. It’s very important we focus on improving ourselves after such hard times and experiences. We can learn very much from ourselves when we keep our mind and understanding open.

3. Drama is not helping you, being reasonable and honest to yourself does.
It is very difficult think clearly when you are in middle of a crisis, dealing with an emotional breakdown or so, so give yourself some time. But as soon as you are able to, close your eyes, take a deep breath and face the situation as realistic as possible: start by admitting yourself what has happened. Then, why it happened. Stay calm, keep focus on breathing. It has happened, you can’t change it. It’s very important you face it just the way it is, otherwise it will stay in your system as a very negative energy, experience and memory and it bitters you. Be brave and human to yourself to handling and working it out. Remember that the feeling is never permanent; it stays for awhile and then changes. If you keep closing your mind up from it, by same you close the feeling deep inside of you and it becomes even more and more negative instead of fading away and becoming just part of understanding and past.

4. Find your inspiration and motivation by that.
We all need some inspiration to find some motivation. And without motivation everything feels totally unnecessary and impossible. So grab a paper and pen and make a list of inspiring things, it can be anything; people you admire, things that makes you happy, even some music that makes you feel powerful, podcasts, blogs, fashion, books.. Find the red thread of why those things are inspiring you for improving some self-growth.

5. Get rid of faking positivity. 
It’s all about honesty. As I said it’s not easy, but it’s possible. Still nothing durable will be built by cheating yourself nor others. As I said, the first key is believing in yourself, believing that you can. Understanding that nothing this demanding and precious happen in one night. It’s about deep self-searching. Understanding your own ups and downs. Face yourself and your ability to positive thinking just the way you are. That’s the great start. When you are honest you can only become a winner.