This time is difficult for all of us. It’s not only about the pandemic any longer, but the whole world’s uncertainty, worry and suffer and sadness most of people must feel right now. Especially and most of all the victims.

How this all has affected to you personally? How do you feel? I myself am regarding the both sides of this terrible tragedy. It’s not black and white, it’s far from that.

When something like this happen, it causes lots of stress, fears, anxiety, even panic and different kind of mental disorders. I myself am also a very sensitive person who reacts a strong way when something major happens in life. My life experience has anyway thought me a lot and also prepared for different kind of situations, which I feel is right now helping a lot for handling this painful situation which is for human being like me. And as I know there are many other sensitive, caring and loving persons who are struggling with their emotions, I am now sharing little tips how to calm yourself down, how to find some strength and hope and stay in action under this terrible stress and pressure.
– – –
Figure out your own feeling
Usually we humans can express ourselves the way we can tell what we are feeling like. The more difficult thing is understanding why we are feeling that way. Be brave and face your feelings: if you feel anxiety, why, where it is coming from? When you are scared, what are you scared about?
– – –
Figure out things that makes you feel comfortable and calms you down
Where every you are right now, at home, in hospital or in basement as evacuated, close your eyes and think what would make you feel better at this moment. It can be anything, anything my dear. It can be dreaming about things you one day would like to do. It can be traveling in your mind somewhere you would feel happy and comfortable: think wider; what do you see around, who wound be with you. Just let your miraculous brain help you under the pressure and stress. It can also be drawing, singing, talking to other people, sharing experiences and feelings. Listen to your precious inside and follow its signs.

Friends and family
Stay close with your beloved ones, online of physical, no matter how, just keep in touch. Take care of yourself, take care of your friends and family and do everything you can for helping them. And also, let them to do everything they can for helping you. Together we are always stronger than by ourselves.
– – –
Pets heals me personally the most effective way. Animals are also most selfless creatures in this world. Let them give you some emotional support. It heals them, too, when you allow them to do that. Hug, kiss and hold them in your arms.
– – –
Back-up plans
I myself, personally, am a person who gets lots of security by creating a good back-up plan is situation goes worse. I also make back-up-back-up plans just in case. It calms me down for having everything clear on my mind. If you are living in dangerous area, make sure you have your bags packed well in time. Do not pack anything you don’t really need, this is why it’s important to do well in time. Because when something happens very unexpectedly, it’s impossible to think clear and be smartest you could be. In terrible situation and rush you would probably pics most unnecessary things with you. So make a list of everything you need, if you need to get evacuated and keep you bags packed well in time. If and when you have to go, you will save lots of time and stress when just grabbing your bags and leave.
– – –
Do not hold it all inside of you. Talk. Also remember, when you do talk, it helps others as well. Our species needs communication to keep our mind stable in emergency situations. The own mind of us quickly turns to be the darkest place of our own personal reality.
– – –
Helping and charity
It’s important to help. We all have something we can do. Think about your own abilities. Think about your own values as well. Also remember, as important as helping, as important it is for accepting the help others are offering for you. Please, accept it. Sometime we all need some help.
– – –
Being reasonable
Even if we are every single day living this day in present, we still should keep focus on future as well as tomorrow this day will belong to history. It’s important to follow trusted news for knowing what is going on, not closing the eyes from the truth and also follow the rules and recommendations in each country.
– – –
Be responsible – the pandemic is not over
Even if there is totally news things on everyone’s mind, we have to remember the pandemic is not over and now it’s even more important to protect yourself and also ourselves. Keep up the good hygiene, social distance the way it’s possible, use masks and not ignoring vaccinations.
– – –
Staying calm
This is not easy when there is so much stress and worries, fears and uncertainty. It helps a lot when you understand that when you stay calm, you will be most effective then and if needed. So find ways to calm yourself down. It can be breathing exercises, yoga, reading books, petting your animals, reading for children, making puzzles.. anything.
– – –
Find your strengths
This is very important, understanding your own strengths. We all have our own personal ones. Use them, trust yourself and boost your power up.
– – –
Keep focus on routines to keep going
Under stress and pressure, in difficult times the routines helps you to keep going. So invest in that as much as you can. Why? Because very easily without keep going human species falls into paralyzing and depression, which little by little prevents us thinking clear and prevents us keeping focus on important things. And after all we lose our ability to act and function.
– – –
Do something that makes you feel happy
No, it’s not wrong. It’s not wrong or selfish to watch a movie that makes you feel happy, to cheer yourself up while there is so much suffer in the world. It would be, if you same time close your eyes and understanding from the reality. But for staying same and in action, we have to take care of our mental health and happiness is big part of it. It big part of comfort.
– – –
Understand the fragility of life
If you not yet have understood it, now it’s the time. It’s time to understand that you can push yourself forever, be demanding and kicking yourself to be better and better and better the rest of your life. Whether you can just be lazy and indifferent and let days pass without caring. It’s not time to understand not always the life and future is on our own hands and it’s very important to understand how fragile the life is. We don’t need a war to lose it all. There are million of things around us all the time that we cannot control ourself. The life is not obvious, it’s a gift. So please my dear, if you haven’t understood it yet, open you eyes now to understand how lucky and privileged you are for being alive.
– – –
Fight for what’s right
And at last, choose right: the love, the care, humanity and peace. And never stop fighting for that. Turning your back only mess your hands with blood with monsters.