I’ve been off for a long time. Not without a reason, it’s been busy in my medical life and I have worked really hard for taking some time to myself  – to calm down and recover. At first like two months ago the damn Covid caught me and after third round I was so ill that I couldn’t stand on my feet anymore, muscles gave up and I was shivering, breathing went incredible difficult and I was thinking (not being dramatic but I really did) if I can handle the virus after all or not. And yes, I am fully vaccinated. Without a vaccinations with all my health issues, I probably would not be writing this post now in beginning of June (and now in mid June, as this post ended up to drafts when I needed to get back to stay in hospital again after surgery and post-surgery infections and bad burns from a laser). Anyway, it was pretty tough as all I know gone through the virus told me it’s not a big deal at all. Well, I am not easily whining about pain or illnesses but this really was a rollercoaster I never want to get in again.

It turned to be a Long Covid with me after all. I mostly slept and had a long break from rehab, getting back on track slightly with physical therapy after all exhausted me the way I ended up to bed again. My surgery needed to get rescheduled, and they did.

So, I went through it. And no, it didn’t go like in the movies (can you say that in English? I have no idea, but that’s how do we say when something goes wrong.). Now after all I was again laying in bed, having black eyes, worst pain in head I could have ever imagined and addition to that a horrible migraine coming and going like waves. The surgery area got burned from laser cutter and the surgery area got badly infected. They put me on strong antibiotics three times in a day and on Friday the surgeon decides what to do next (sooner if situation won’t get better or if it goes worse). Well, not on Friday I could wait, on Wednesday the hospital called me in again.

I have been so tired and in pain, I am slightly having my voice back though, but I am so messed up in head after all terrible strong meds. Today is the first day I can better navigate myself, feel my legs again and was taking few steps outside in my own shoes. More than few minutes stepping gives me extremely exhaustion, so I am not going to be stupid but follow orders and stay in bed. Drinking is difficult as water tastes like a poison in my mouth, I am all over swollen after so much medicines and antibiotics, and those antibiotics I have to stay for over the next week, still.

When I recover from this, I will be back. As always I am looking forward, but just right now I stay in bed as long as I necessarily have to. It’s going to be my birthday in two weeks, so lemme tell you I am motivated to get out of bed LOL. While being in hospital the first birthday card had arrived in mail, my goodness, isn’t it precious?

Take care and always look after yourself sweetie, I am going to, too.