Been MIA for a reason, but just right now it’s not the right time to talk about it. Christmas is almost here and I am going to keep focus on enjoying on it. As my close ones know Christmas this year is very, very different than ever before and it’s not so easy, but I am slowly but surely finding my way to create it to be magical and tasty.

At first, I have found amazing Christmas songs this year and I have kept listening them all month. They are playing right now on background, actually. Nature has given me lots of enjoyment, too. And ah, of course all beautiful decorations I can see neighbors have put on. That’s so different here now, elsewhere in Finland I have been living I have never seen anyone investing in Christmas this much. First time in my life I don’t have to feel odd when having so much lights and decorations at home. And also in Picasso’s stroller. His stroller is pretty fancy this year.

Yes, he has unicorn lights! We have outdoor a lot as the landscapes here are just breathtaking beautiful and relaxing. I am still dreaming of a campfire, the weather has not been the best for it so we keep waiting for the best day possible to set one to keep warm and bake some foods on the fire.

Sauna has given me so much energy and relaxation. This winter I have invested a lot in sauna bathing and I am going to keep going. I am also going to try some Christmas sauna scents this year, not yet I have got some so if you have any tips, I am excited to hear some!

Gifts are a huge thing for Picasso so I have done my best to collect him the best ones. Well, I need to tell the Elf last Christmas made all the dreams come true for both of us so this is not going to be anything like it was a year ago, it was best Christmas (see it here if you have forgotten >>) ever and I will never forget it. But I am doing my best on my own now.

I need to tell this morning when Picasso woke up to see all the gifts he got pretty excited. It was a huge thing to me.

I have also enjoyed of fresh flowers and scented candles, wearing wool socks and Picasso wearing his sweaters. His Elf sweater is done and I can’t wait to wear him in it. It’s so darn cute! Not so long until Christmas Eve when we celebrate in Finland. Our day is going to be very easy going, we go to cemetery and for a little walk, to say hi for swans and squirrels in the forest, that’s pretty much about it.

That’s how our Holidays are looking like here just right now. By this short little post I wanted to remind you all, even if the life is giving you some lemons, you always have a way to make it to be a lemonade. You just need to find a way. Never stop believing in Magic!