Winter is here, no can do, but so is also Christmas which makes it feels like little bit of win win. Well, here it does as I actually first time in my life am enjoying of winter despite the cold. Super cold, it’s colder here than it’s been anywhere else I have ever been living. Sounds odd I know as everyone knows I am actually kinda biggest hater of cold.

Before I fell ill I didn’t like weekends. I didn’t like them because it forced me to slow down even if I didn’t want to. It did it, because everyone else were taking it easy and I needed to reach them out for being most successful, and now I am talking about work. I instead kept working all weekend long as I loved it. I loved being busy and demanding everything, literally, from my brains. Well, we all know how it ended. Slowing down have been hard to me, but now when I am living here, I feel it’s actually, finally, possible.

The city I am living now was built in 15th century, so it’s lots of history here. In 600 years there has happened a lot. As many of my readers already know going to cemetery has always calmed me down, but not all cemeteries – the very old and special ones only. Not anywhere else in Finland I have ever visited at graveyard touching me as deeply as the oldest one in my city. I have kept visiting here for over 10 years even if not any of my family or someone I even know has been buried here. Not until now. Today there is something very special, concrete, for myself as well. However, I go there often just to calm down and remember how fortunate I am for being alive.

For some people this might be just took dark, going to cemetery so often, I mean. Don’t worry, I do other things to calm down as well. As you know I do love nature, and even more here now. Where ever I go here, the ocean is following me. And only here it calms me down. When I was a child, I had a terrible fear of water. I still do, but as I said, only here the ocean calms me down.

All elements of the Universe are staying by all the time: metal, wood, water, fire and ground. And I am very aware of that, stronger than ever. It grounds me here and it’s good to me.

Slowing down is good. When you do it for your health, not for a lazy. There is a big difference between those two, never forget it. I feel slowing down includes all the elements of Universe as well: metal = staying strong. Wood = keeping nature close. Fire = desire for life. Water = calming down and relaxing. Ground = understanding where we go and where are we from.

Stay safe and stay grateful my love.