We are not actually celebrating Thanksgiving in Finland, I am pretty sure not in whole Europe, but I still love the theme so much (as I know it pretty well because of all my American friends) that I want to keep the tradition up myself a bit, too.

Even if the Thanksgiving is such a wonderful thing, unfortunately it is not wonderful how people keep feeding their furbabies with human thanksgiving foods. Do not give your own Thanksgiving leftover for your animal babies, they may cause poisoning and cause even a death. There are many things not suitable for animals and one of them, and probably most simple thing is a salt. And as you know, there is salt pretty much in everything you buy from a market including most of the meat and poultry.

However, I am now sharing my own Thanksgiving meal recipe to try with your dogs this year. It’s healthy and so yummy that you probably want to try it yourself, too. It’s all natural, organic, gluten-free and without any additives. And what else? It’s most easy to prepare, you only need very few ingredients to make it happen!

A little tip before starting: if you are unsure about cooking the meat by yourself, just leave it off and add the meat you get from a pet store afterwards as a side with this meal
– – –
What do you need:
1. One little pumpkin (organic)
2. Two little pears (organic)
3. 1/2 zucchini (organic)
(4. 300 grams of organic reindeer fillet (also beef fits well, just choose the meat your dog can tolerate the best well and make sure it’s for sure 100% natural without salt or any additives.)
5. Flax seeds as crushed or powdered, or a little bit of omega3 oil (for examle dog safe fish oil from petstore. Also not, never feed your dog with seeds without crushing them, their bowels can’t tolerate them like we human can.)

How to make it:
1. Peel the pumpkin well, remove seeds and all stringy stuffs from inside. Slice and chop it into tiny pieces.
2. Wash zucchini, slice and chop it as well.
3. Peel the pears, remove all hard and stringy parts of it and possible seeds as well, slice and chop it into tiny peaces.
4. Rinse the meat by fresh water and shop it into little pieces.

5. Put all ingredients into tin, you don’t need any oils to put on it, the meat and veggies gives lots of fluids while cooking so it won’t cause a mess.
6. Preheat the oven to 225 celsius degrees (440F) and cook around 30-40 minutes until it’s all soft and smells yummy.
7. Let the meal cool down and pack it into boxes. Sprinkle a little bit of crushed flax seeds (or other omega3 fat source for a dog like a dog safe fish oil) on tops and mix well. You can also freeze this Thanksgiving meal for your dog. This Thanksgiving meal stays fine in a fridge for around 4 days.