It’s been a week of living at new home, in new city which also feels like a whole new world to me. I never believed I could live here, I mean, I have always wanted, but I never found such a perfect building I could have actually made a home for myself. I love old houses and history, but same time I love modern which makes a big disagreement what comes to the houses. And also living. I can’t stand dust and I hate disorder. But same time I love very old things like freaking old books and houses, 19th century probably most. And then it just happened, all those things got put together by making it, ah, just perfect! Visit our home here >> And I can’t believe it really happened to me. Even if 2020 has been so crappy many ways, I need to say I am very, very lucky. And happy.

Starting the morning is how the all day will go, if you ask from me. Starting it in a nature by breathing the quiet which we have a lot around here, is perfect for me. All the sounds, all the smells, I love it even if it’s probably most cold here. The fog here dancing on the ocean is something I have never experienced before. It’s very calming.

Still, after all my own enjoying and loving it here, the most important thing is, of course, how my baba feels it here. And he loves it. He loves it so much. I have never seen him this brave, curious, happy and excited. He loves the mornings and he loves the nights, he loves going outside as it’s lights up everywhere and he loves the little squirrels running here and there.

We have planned to get own rowing boat. Yes, rowing boat. I am not excited about fancy boats at all. I just love rowing without motors, feeling the wind on my skin and keep enjoying of the ocean.

I can’t tell if I more love sunset or sunrises here. They are both so magical.

I have kept my new routines up and it feels good. Even if I feel very, very tired most of the time. Sleeping has not got fixed up which affects so much to my days. I keep focus on calming down and relaxing and it feels good, but not even the strong meds keep my brain in sleep. But I keep trying.

Even if the life is such a struggle many ways now, I am happy, I am enjoying of it which is a huge thing for myself. I let the doctors take care the rest of it right now, that’s all I can do. Holidays are coming already so soon, I am having wonderful people around, wonderful home giving me comfort and wonderful neighborhood bringing me to the wonderland every time when I step outside.

What could be better..? Oh, many, many things my love, but remember, all you actually have is this moment. And it’s your own choice how do you decide to spend it.