Ah, it’s finally, finally done – the moving! You can only imagine the feeling after all stress, waiting, delays caused by pandemic, tiredness.. everything. I feel so incredible good it’s all over (well, not all, the furnitures actually did not arrive in a perfect condition so a little more waiting is needed until the new ones arrive).

I have got many questions on social media about the new home (and praises about my decorating style, awww, thanks!), location, where the furnitures are from and so on. I have shared some on my stories on Instagram and later I will make a post of details with info where everything is from. But now I keep focus on idea of a “home tour” as I have promised. I wish you enjoy this little travel with me.

I wanted to create a very Scandinavian home where I could just kept focus on wellness. I am a cleaning freak and most important thing for me is to have furnitures, carpets, lights, basically everything the way it’s all easy to keep clean, but also the way it does look very pure all the time. I can’t stand dust, neither any kind of mess or dirty smells. At new home there is amazing ventilating machines working in every room and also floor heating.

Because the new home is by the coast and because I am such a Moomin lover, new home has lots of Moomin stuffs from kitchen towels to lanterns and trays.

The big hand lights are there actually for helping Picasso to see as he’s getting blind and can barely see anymore. The Elf has already dropped him a Christmas present as well. His excitement is priceless to keep following!

I can’t decide if I love mornings or nights more at the new home. I love to see when sun rises and when it goes down. I love to wake up and start my days in my favorite warm slippers, the same way I love ending my days peacefully by having candles around and breathing the quiet.

It all just feels so perfect here right now, it’s amazing.

The area we are living is breathtaking beautiful, I couldn’t not feel better in anywhere else. I have kept focus on calming down, eating well and relaxing.

And of course sauna bathing is part of my relaxation.

Our new routine is having a wonderful dinner at home after bath and just keep focus on being there in a moment.

For more moving pis and ideas for dishes and organizing stuffs you will find here from my previous moving post.