We didn’t have snow even a bit in this Christmas, it was totally black. Well, outside, but not black in my mind! This Christmas was most colorful, most bright and happiest ever. This Christmas was perfect and I felt BenBen in a spirit sharing all the magic with us.

Now when I am sitting in kitchen and writing this post, I am still wondering if I had just a super good dream, if this is not real at all. The excitement I had all December changed to be pure happiness, suddenly all the magic filled my heart and pinned there. If you follow me on Instagram >> you do know what my Christmas looked like as I keep sharing my life on Stories. Anyhow, I am now going to share you headlines of my Christmas I will never forget!

This Christmas I didn’t stress about anything, not at all. I really got all food shoppings done not before than on 24th, yes, on the day the Santa visits in Finland, on the day we celebrate. And no, I didn’t do it right away in the morning as I knew it would have been a mistake as everyone is doing last shoppings then. I love it when I have no time table to follow at Christmas, so I did it all the way that made me feel comfy.

I started the morning at 9am by opening the TV for Picasso. I baked gingerbread cookies, not the house as I had planned, because it suddenly felt unnecessary, while watching cartoons the Santa showed on his online show. Meanwhile cookies were in a oven, we sent Christmas card for Santa. Yes, we do this every year. This year we chose this picture. Let me tell you, at this point I had no idea what it was inside of this beautiful box, but now afterwards, I can understand why Picasso loved the box so much!

My shopping list was pretty long when I went to market at lunch time. The timing was perfect, there was only few people doing shoppings same time. Ah, it felt so wonderful! I was going to make some Christmas pastries, but can you believe all marmalades were sold out?! Well, I picked some candies instead and more chocolate, of course.

When we got home it was time to cook a bit and open the gifts. It was so exciting! All the years I have organized Christmas for my kids and this year it was me who just enjoyed it all. You may remember all the gifts I received earlier in December? Ooooh, you can imagine my excitement when I was finally allowed to open them.

Picasso was so curious about his gifts. Well, he believed they were all his and few days before Christmas we had a little battle and training session for helping him to understand not everything he likes is his. He is such a smart kiddo as already at Christmas Eve he let me open the gifts for him.

It was kinda shock to open the gifts. Receiving the gifts itself was such an amazing experience and felt so emotional to me. So when I started to open the gifts I actually realized I hadn’t even think about it what they have under the wrappings. When I started to see gifts under wrappings I was like.. I don’t even have words for that feeling.

As you remember I was very excited to make a Christmas video about my whole Christmas including gift opening. If you read my IG post yesterday you already know what the heck happened with it. Not only the camera turned off in a middle, but I also found out the reason for why it turned off. It happened because I hadn’t pressed the “START” -button well enough and camera took it the way I had forgotten the camera on, so it switched itself off for saving the battery. Oh gosh! After this the lights of room switched off for some reason, it was crazy because Christmas lights stayed on so obviously it was some kind of Christmas ghost visiting LOL. And what else, after all we realized the damn video I finally got made was muted!!!! There’s no voice at all. Hallelujah! Well, fortunately I have some pics (I can’t stop laughing).

I have never felt this excited, happy and surprised same time. I will never forget the feelings, I felt like a kiddo, I jumped and screamed and cried, smiled, laughed and cried again.

I got amazing gifts, Picasso got amazing gifts and additional we got something for both of us.

❤️ Look at these matching dishes: a bowl for Picasso, tea cup for me!
❤️ This OMG! adorable Micheal Kors bracelet was hiding in the Santa box Picasso was so interested in. DAMN! I am wearing it all the time, I love it so much.
❤️ Ah, I love vegetable soaps so much, and this smells heavenly good!
❤️ Picasso got most beautiful blanket ever, I am crying when watch this. Look, those unicorns are like little BenBen spreading his love and magic around!

It felt like gifts just didn’t end at all, there were more and more and more.. Oh WOW! Not even all gifts are in these pictures as there were so many.

❤️ Last summer I told Timon and Pumbaa reminds me of BenBen and Picasso. And now, COME ON!!! Look at these cute soft toys Picasso got. You see, people who love you, listen to you. I was in tears, and PicaPica loves them so much, too.
❤️ Oh, PUMA! I got so many pieces of amazing Puma clothes. The sport bra with ribbons on back is such a dream. I can’t wait to get back to gym, these clothes motivate me so much when I am able to start doing workout again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
❤️ Oh la la! I really got more this wonderful shower cream and ah, bamboo sponge – pink, of course. Iiih, I love them so much!
❤️ MOST AMAZING SLIPPERS A WOMAN CAN EVER HAVE! I have been UGG lover for a very long time but these Cloud Nine Sheepskin slippers hits them 100 – 0! These are like softest slippers ever, but also warmest and comfiest. And not only pink but also GLITTERED!!! Yeah, more tears. I have became such a crybaby by all gifts this year.

What else? Well.. so much. You may remember I already received a gift from Picasso earlier this December. Little kiddo had sent an elf called Marco to Canada to get some help for getting me something I wanted most. There was 60th Anniversary Barbie in white dress, exactly the one that a bit reminds of me somehow tho.

And now when I opened the Christmas gifts there was another Signature Barbie: THE 2019 HOLIDAY BARBIE!!!!! You can see, they are perfect together!!! I screamed like insane when I saw this, I just couldn’t believe what I saw.

No, not the gifts ended yet. Can you believe? I couldn’t, and I am still like ‘this can’t be real!’. Well, seems like this is which makes me feel even more crazier.

Many crazy things happened while opening the gifts. The funniest thing ever was when Picasso got scared of one of them. OMG it was so funny, poor kid. By the way, that’s why the gift is not in pics, I had to hide it for making him calm down. Anyway, it was super cute pink cat toy you can put around your wrist, when you tap its nose it makes crazy sounds and its eyes will be lightened with green and blue colors. I laughed all evening for this, it was so hilarious. This kitty is funniest toy ever!

❤️ I really got it, the most beautiful Frozen Elsa doll in the whole world. I love her dress and hair and beautiful face so much!
❤️ Look at this! Picasso and I had unicorns, he has baby unicorn and I have mama unicorn. This is so cute, I love these stuffed toys so much!!! And colors, I would have loved these so much when I was a kid and having them now makes me so happy!
❤️I love these pajama pants I also received!! I also received another pajama, the red one with wonderful shapes. The pajama reminds me of one Finnish Christmas song. I will share pics of that pajama later as I will wear it often. These pink pajama pants are made of fleece, oh, so soft and comfy! And.. I really needed new one as I just needed to threw away my super old Moomin pajama pants!! Amazing choice!
❤️ Yes, Frozen Elsa doll, but not the doll only – can you see what it is behind the doll? Oh gosh, Frozen Elsa blanket! It has big picture of Elsa’s face on it. This is over beautiful. I love it so much, thank you!

And what I share next is something that made me not only freak out but also cry like 4 years old. This gift is insane. It’s insane because when I was something like 4 years old I can remember I was admiring this, exactly this same doll. And now, 23 years later, I got it. In original box. Can you believe it? Well, I still can’t! I GOT IT!!!!!!

Additional I received DVDs, before hands some candies, most beautiful Calvin Klein gloves, towels for Picasso and me, that red pajama I mentioned earlier, a beautiful pink leather bag and yessss, tickets to Hans Zimmer concert in next spring!!!! Insane. Insane. This Christmas was wonderfully insane!

I have no words to say, only a huge thank you and warmest feeling and so much love in my heart. Thank you for creating me the perfect Christmas, I will never forget this and will never stop cherishing the memory of this magic in my heart and mind ❤️ xoxo