Not been able to do much and after all I also fell ill with the damn flu, ears are like stuffed potatoes and throat feels like a swamp soaked all soap in the world. I can hear nothing else but my own breathing, but with right ear only. How nice!

Outdoor life I have needed to stop doing until I feel better to avoid fever and worse cold. To be honest, I have had zero energy for that anyway. I have kept done nothing else but resting, watching movies, listening Christmas songs and eating. Very simply – I have kept focus on feeling comfy only, all the ways possible.

Talking about movies, what are you guys watching right now? I feel Netflix is not giving such a great selection right now and not yet Disney+ I have. I have been too tired even for cartoons, so that’s serious! I have been out from social media, but actually out of all social life lately. And surely will be for awhile. I’ll talk about it when I have some energy and will for that, just right now I don’t.

Christmas still makes me feel excited, very! I am trying to find some very good Christmas movies to watch, but to be honest, most of them I have tried have been so poor! I couldn’t stand Christmas Chronicles at all, it only made me mad and having a migraine. Is there anything else I should try? Here’s a little list of what I love:

1. The Holiday (I watch this every single Christmas Eve!)
2. Christmas Carol (My favorite, too, I love to watch it around a year!)
3. Home Alone part 1 and 2
4. Four Christmases (OMG this is just great no matter how many times I watch it!)
5. The Princess Switch part 1 (oh dear the part 2 was awfully bad)

That’s about it. I can’t remember more (well, thanks to my brain), but not finding anything else I would like to watch. But there must be some!
– – –
However, addition to movies I mentioned the food. It has all changed so much which has given me so much frustration, but luckily still some enjoyment though. I am having some pancreas issues which not been easy to accept addition to all other poop hit my fan during almost past 2 years. Especially now around the Holidays when all the smells and common traditions are killing me! But that’s about it, let’s keep focus on positive things! Like socks! I have an addiction to cute cotton socks right now, is that weird?

Mph, that’s all about my greetings right now, quickly but better than nothing, right?! But about those Christmas movie tips.. I would be very grateful for some good ones! xx