The summer finally arrived in Finland, too, in June. First time in my life the Midsummer was warm and not even one drop of rain we got here where do we live. However, I got super excited as I am such a summer lover. Picasso’s garden was in blossom, he got strawberries everyday and tomato started to give him lots of fruits, too. Then, just ten days later, the rain arrived. And it lasted, lasted and lasted like forever. It was two weeks nothing but rain. Those two weeks of rain made Picasso’s strawberry getting depressed, cut the flowers of his beautiful dahlias off, and made his tomato getting angry. The flowers that rain and wind beat up and dropped off, I saved and put in vase to keep living as long as possible.

Now the rains have been over for almost a week and warmer weather should last until Monday night, on Tuesday the rain will reach us again.

But now let’s keep focus on enjoying of these few sunny days we have left until rains arrive. Let the flowers blossom and your whole system soak some happiness and energy they are spreading around. Picasso and I have been doing it successfully.

Picasso’s strawberry got cheered up after the weather got warmer, his tomato keeps growing again and is flowers are making more babies. So right now it’s all good in his garden.

The sun just makes me so happy, heat would make me energetic, too, but not yet, or anymore, we have been able to get some to enjoy of. But having these beautiful flowers around boost my energy levels up as well. And of course, my baba Picasso.