Where are we coming from? For me as interesting question is, where are we going to? Who we are, but also the question what we are, will surely tease me forever. The life without thinking, pondering, questioning and making research would be just too dull for me. When I was a kid, from age 4-10 years old, I was pondering strongly these 10 things below. And many more, these are just something I am still looking for an answer that would shut down the thirst for knowledge of mine:

1. How muscles work under the skin. I was very curious to actual see them working as peeled
2. If human has descended from monkey, why monkeys can’t talk but parrots can learn to (well, today I know human is not)
3. What is human. What the human really is. What makes it developing in mother’s womb, what makes the lung breathe and heart beat. How the system can be similar with all healthy people.
4. What is meaning of human being?
5. What creates the diseases?
6. What is skin? How it can grow back and makes the wounds heal. Does the skin keep living when human is in coma? How about when human is dead.
7. What happens to skyscrapers when they get too old? Does it mean one day New York City will fall down?
8. What is blood? How something like blood can tell so much about human and how there can be many types of it? Who has developed them?
9. What has created the veins to be so smart? To be like pipes delivering such an important notes and nutriments for whole system.
10. How does TV work? How the assemblies together can make it work the way someone once wanted? Same thing with internet and phones.

What did you think about between age 4-10? And what are you thinking about nowadays?

The reason why I am loving modern 2020 is that I can have the library with me everywhere.

Even if I am religious person, I do believe in science only. That’s whole another story to tell one day, not today, as right now I am talking about human species and about what the science says about evolution. If you thought human has been descended from apes, it’s time to update your knowledge as well.

Humans and monkeys are both primates, but human is not descended from monkeys or any other primate living today. The first primates were developing on Earth for over 70 million years ago. We do share a common ape ancestor with monkey, but human and anthropoid evolved differently from that same ancestor around 5-8 million years ago.

That’s just simple what updates study books say in 2020. It’s wild how the information changes by more and more research the scientists do, isn’t it!

Now I am just thinking, where the human being is going? Teens have became just a lazy bums today, everything should be easy and everybody wants to be a celebrity or at least rich. But not so many is actually ready to work (or study) for it.

VR glasses are destroying the enjoyment of real reality and social media has created a view of new normal. What we see there is people traveling around the world, living in amazing houses, driving by fancy cars, and filters, filters and more filters. We use social media for communicating, we have movies at home through Netflix and even food shoppings will be delivered at a door, which is amazing, but it also makes me think what it will be like after 100 years. Someone keep telling me I should not be worried about that as I won’t be here then anymore. Umph, you think? I find it just pure stupidity and selfish, I don’t want the new generations getting trouble because of my choices here now. And who the heck even knows if we reborn here to experience this crap over and over again. So.. as a smart person just in case, I would keep living for Karma just a bit more every single day.