Okay guys, now I am sharing something I wish as many as possible will get involved with. You know I am living for charity in a big way, without being active and doing something that help the organizations to do more, I would just feel incredible terrible on this Earth.

There are many amazing ways to support different kind of charity organization. One of my choices have been for a long time doing an animal rescuing by myself, but also volunteering and supporting the animal rescue organizations and local shelters.

This year alongside other charities, I am creating a Rescue Calendar for 2021 together with Naked Kisses Dog Rescue in Florida. I have personally met these amazing people behind the organization, so I am not only having the research done, but also a personal experience about the organization and people working for it. For this charity calendar I am donating the designs with my advertising agency and Lola Pähkinämäki Design. If you adore my creations, you must join!

1. Take part in contest: if you have a hairless dog, you can take part! Also all other dogs, with and without hair, but coming from Naked Kisses Dog Rescue, will be accepted into the contest. Read the contest rules on below of the post. Take part in contest by following this link: https://www.makemycontest.com/nakedkisses/signup
– – –
2. Get your furkid’s birthday marked on the calendar 2021: this way all the furiends can think of your kid on their special day. All breeds all around the world are accepted to take part. I bought the marked birthday for Picasso and also for BenBen. Get your kid’s birthday marked on calendar by following this link: https://www.makemycontest.com/nakedkisses/star-of-the-day
– – –
3. Give your vote for competitors: donate $1 / vote (or as many as you like) by giving your vote for the nakid you would love to see on the calendar. Pictures with most votes will be printed on the calendar with my design surrounded. Picasso has also taken part and he would appreciate your vote. For voting, follow this link and tap open the picture you would like to give a vote for: https://www.makemycontest.com/nakedkisses/
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4. Share awareness: share information about this charity calendar by sharing the contest page on your social media, or this post.
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Thank you for choosing to do charity with us!

The contest rules, click here >>