This week was super hard. Luckily the weather pampered my tired soul a lot and everyday I started in Naantali by the ocean by breathing the nature and soaking some energy from it. It has kept me going.

So, my lungs are such a s*it show. But no can do, the life gives and takes and most of all it tastes your toleration. There is a medication to keep my lungs going, unfortunately it means steroids four portions in a day and additional some Salbutamol eight portions a day to keep airways more open. Next lung testing will be on November again, then again three months later.

This whole pandemic thing has made me think everything over again. What’s the purpose of life, is there even one? What’s the purpose of human species, is there a purpose for that either? This all has made me even more strong way to understand how limited the lifetime can be, and by same how limitless – it’s all about how do we experience it in our personal system.

I am going to keep going. No matter what and despite everything, my curiosity is still here. And every single thing I am able to go through by feeling something, I am up to. I think I well enough understand the life to not be afraid or wasting my time to be pessimistic, but acting smart and being open for what the life will give. In a good and bad, there is always both side of everything.

Do what you love, be smart and curious, and never bargain of kindness.