It’s been a while. For sure. It’s been so much going on here lately and it keeps going in a big way. Really huge things are on the table in my life, it’s been busy and stressful, but same time it’s been very interesting many ways.

Like a month ago I was standing on an edge by very serious way thinking of my life. I was not looking to my past, but actually peeking to the future: what do I really want from life and how much I am ready to sacrifice for reaching it, and also, what I am going to sacrifice if I won’t keep reaching it.

I decided to be brave.

I would say new, fresh wind is blowing in my life. And it feels so exciting!

However, as I said it’s been busy. Also, I have been super unlucky for awhile. Really, you have no idea! But at a same time, as odd as it is, I have enjoyed a gigantic way. I mean this fall has been so beautiful very many ways, no matter what. Every morning I have started in a nature, by the ocean by breathing the world around. I have felt the rain drops on my skin, I have heard the wind blowing through the dens by making them scream like there was someone shutted inside. I have felt the storm and calm. I have kept focus on breathing the fresh air and let my whole system enjoy of the smells and sounds around.

The nature is such a miraculous thing. It’s not just about seeing, but actually about noticing and understanding it all we can sense.

The fall is here. It means changes in a nature and makes me keep warm. First time for a very long time I am enjoying of this season. No more losses for a year has been most needed thing for me, past years have taken too many close ones away. Even if I am a very positive and I would say I can handle death successfully, too much is just too much to anyone. Now feeling the fall, but also the change in the air, makes me smile through all the negative issues life is still kicking my ass with at times. But right now they just can’t take my happiness away.