Hello lovelies, how was your Midsummer celebration? I had a false start to by birthday, I had not planned that, but it very suddenly happened when I received a birthday present from my little twin from New Zealand. It brought me a feeling I just couldn’t get rid of (nor even wanted), but let it stay and enjoyed of it with happy heart and mind. I am still like ommmmggggg for that and forever will, you’ll understand soon when I show what she sent for me (thank you again girl!). I’ll show it all on my next post after my b-day travels, I am going to travel next week with Picasso for my actual birthday, so let me tell this 2020 birthday is the best birthday I could ever have!

We spent all the Midsummer outside by enjoying of sun, ocean, cold drinks and each other. All the traditions from Midsummer dance to Midsummer campfire was cancelled, but I still have felt nothing but good vibes and happiness, and I am going to let it last and last and last..

We have explored the nature a lot this midsummer. It may sound crazy, but first time in my life I saw the flower of blueberry with my own eyes in nature, and I just fell in love. Also Alpen Roses we met and lots of other flowers I can’t name, but enjoyed of watching them. The nature has taught me a lot about owning something. I never buy flowers home (excluding seeds I plant), I prefer watch them in nature and let them live their life wild and free. I don’t have to have them physically, I have a skill to cherish them in my mind the rest of my life as memories. It’s the same with humans, I could never tie anyone and ask to live the way I want, I feel it’s all about deep respect, trust and love that makes two human beings to live the balance together. If they don’t, it’s better to let them go.

I still don’t go to water, but I love laying on the beach and enjoy of sun. Of course my sensitive skin burned a bit despite sun screen, but luckily it’s healing already. Picasso has been happiest kid ever when we finally have summer and he keeps showing it. I love this kid so much!

This morning I started by golfing. Sadly the health issues has taken my golfing talent away, I didn’t understood even how to hold the club anymore but tried to play by holding it wrong way round. I have had amazing swing and golf has been my passion for a long time so it was an emotional shock to me to see this change now.

After all it was better to keep it on putting only, but it was all good. I am going back there, I will work for it as my passion hasn’t disappeared. I still have my understanding to learn things even if I am slow, and ability to enjoy of little things a big way (like of my pink golf balls!), so it’s all good in my kingdom despite everything.

Looking back to this weekend makes me feel so happy. Pandemic is still not over, but breathing the world with no acute danger feels wonderful. I am the lucky one no matter what, just like we all are, we just need to understand our own view and meaning.