To keep it simple, not so much words, but I still feel it’s important to keep writing and creativity up even if it takes such a long time to write and get my writings fixed up. Smart phone makes life so much easier as it does kinda everything for us. Now I can see how much it actually does; we have auto-corrects and other features helping and fixing us with all languages, and Siri writing for us by listening our speech. And it understands even me! With reading I feel I have improved, even if I read many things wrong way. I have to be careful and give some time for myself, just like with writing as well. I am still excited for the little change!

As you know, I am such a summer lover. So you can imagine how much I have enjoyed of the weather this week. Oih, I really have! And so have Picasso. It’s still been windy and Picasso has needed his hat to protect his baldie from wind and also from very strong UV rays. I also sun burned a bit, so guys really, don’t forget the sun cream! And a little tip for sunburn: Bepanthen cream and calming body oil for atopic skin, pharmacies have some!

Picasso’s hat: Lola Pähkinämäki Design

Everything is growing amazingly in Picasso’s garden, which has given him biggest happy vibes I have ever seen anyone having from gardening. Well, I am the other one I “have seen”.

Picasso’s garden makes me incredible happy too, we have got lots of greens from there already and also carrots have started to grow as well. We also planted some potatoes and can’t wait to see their seedlings rising up from the soil.

I start my every morning by watering the plants and flowers and Picasso runs after me to say hello for his greens. It’s the cutest thing ever! He never pull anything away from beds, but spends lots of time by sniffing them. I’ve been thinking if that’s the reason why our plants are growing so fast and beautifully. Not anyone else I know yet has tomatoes in blossom the way as ours. Picasso’s strawberry has also given berries for last two weeks everyday, which is very confusing, but also very lovely.

And as you seen, our tomato is not only in blossom, it’s already making some fruits, too.

And because it’s been heat, it means some days in Naantali Old Town, too. This week we finally got there to sniff the ocean and also got some snacks and drinks from kiosk.

While we were buying our snacks, a little caterpillar came to say hi for us. As funny it is, the caterpillar followed us to the little terrace we went to sit, so we decided to pick him up and take him to park where he had comfier to live and lots of grass and leaves to eat. We named him as “Taavi”.

This week has been wonderful, the summer makes me feel so good. Despite I had a doctor appointment and also dentist appointment on this week, and even if I did sun burn, none of them could take my happy vibes away.

Believe in life and enjoy of some happy vibes – they are everywhere, you just need to keep your heart open! xx