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Lemme tell you a little story. When I met my recent physical therapist first time at hospital, the first thing she mentioned was my bag. Well, that back was already made of super lightweight fabric, but the problem still was that it was a shoulder bag, not a backpack. Long story short, I gave her an explanation about bag issue, not only that it is super hard to find a perfect pink backpack anyway, but also the problem about what comes to the size. It is freaking hard to find a beautiful + pink + small + many smart pockets + additional made of nice material suitable everyday use.

Well, it was, until I met Gaston Luga.

I so much love Scandinavian design. I love high-quality and beautiful details in everything. And I love pink, oh, how much I love this perfect color making my life to feel so much better. Wearing pink I feel everything will be alright. And cute. What else I love? I love practical in everything. I never buy impractical things, I prefer invest a bit more to get something that serves its purpose and my needs. So you can see for me it’s not enough it only looks cute, but it’s neither okay if it’s only practical, it has to give me everything.

Gaston Luga does. And at this point it does it even better: it gives me healthier option, exactly what I need.

My backpack is called PÄRLAN Black&Pink. I am also having navy Plånkan card holder.

I couldn’t love Pärlan backpack more. It’s lightweight, easy to use and bring with, and super smart! And oh yes, pink as well! I love it the cover and straps are light pink and the backpack itself is black. This way it fits better for everyday use as won’t get dirty looking as quickly as whole pink would, for example. These colors together also make the bag looking very ladylike, not childish way cute, but fitting perfectly for adults. The size is absolutely amazing as also my baby Picasso fits in it well and he was already very curious to try. This is something that tells how comfy the bag is!

See whole Gaston Luga collection here:
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