Summer has arrived, I am pretty sure we all have felt it lately. Even if it’s not as hot as it was in last May, I am super happy it’s finally warm enough outside for gardening. My energies have been on low zero since last fall, unfortunately not yet I am feeling better, but my happiness and life joy still have not disappeared. Recovering from virus additional has taken for awhile and now I am still battling with post-virus lung infection. The meds are finally working, but breathing is still not the best.
– – –
Making up a little garden for Picasso has been the big spotlight in my life lately (and super twin in NZ making my life so much brighter!). We went to farm market all together to get some soil, flowers and seeds to make it happen. Next two days after that I was not able to much more than getting up from bed, as I was so much in pain, but then I got back there again. It took two weeks to get everything done, even if the patio is super tiny. It’s not a fancy garden, but I find it very comfy and cozy, and that’s what we need and want most of all. What do you think?

Yes, I do love pink, you can tell! I chose pink Hortensia to cheer myself up and also crimson red Dahlia. I love flowers, it makes me feel amazing to take care of something that needs some good care and love, something I can keep alive by my sensitive care.

We also have beautiful apple trees around and most wonderful tree I can ever imagine, the Lilac. Picasso also has his very own strawberry and it’s giving him so much berries this summer!

For Picasso I planted herbs like basil and parsley and some lettuce which he LOVES. Also some carrots, potatoes and cherry tomatoes are growing at our patio. Picasso goes to check his plants many times in a day, he is so freaking cute, I can’t stand! It makes me so happy to follow his daily goings, it’s most healing thing in my life right now.