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As you know I love to read but reading has become such a mission impossible for me by my disability. Sudio has now brought books into my ears, I can now listen to books instead of reading them which has given me so much life joy and relaxation as well. I love it so much I can also watch movies and do video calls in quarantine without holding the phone on my ear all the time.

Btw, this is amazing way to “meet friends” during this difficult time. Stay home, be smart and enjoy your life with Sudio.

Other reasons why I love Sudio so much:
▪️ not only most beautiful earphones I have ever had but also most smart ones; they connect itself and gives even 20 hours of listening time. Holder works as charging case same time, how cool is that!
▫️ easiest and most comfy ever to use, stay placed without dropping
▪️ super lightweight, I can’t even notice them while wearing
▫️pink. Of course I have a pink one. Sudio has most delicious selection of colors to choose from
▪️ quality of sound and of product itself, I am not easily giving five stars to anything, but for Sudio I do ⭐️

Don’t forget to use my code BWB15 to get a nice discount. Sudio ships worldwide!