As we all know the life is ups and downs. The same way the body is lumps and bumbs. Well, at least mine is. The aging affects body a lot, as I have so many times told you, everything seemed to be so much easier before I turned 25. Until that it was so much easier to get rid of cellulite, lose weight, burn belly fat and fit in jeans. But, before I turned 25 I also was more worried about aging. And, fitting in jeans to be honest. You may have seen it today I keep focus on living instead worrying. I am very aware of negativity, sadness and horror in the world, so why would I put more negativity into Universe by myself? Especially for those very unnecessary, shallow, and even very stupid things like worrying and stressing about cellulite and body rolls. In bigger picture, what does it matter? It just feels so stupid for me today. Let’s put our energy and vibes for something better!

My life has been a journey already, it’s not done yet and I hope it won’t be for a very long time, but it already shows in my skin many ways. I have different kind of scars and broken veins, I have lumps and different shades of skin. And now in this life situation I also have lots of bruises as I get them only by walking around home. When I was younger I had nasty acne, and still without medication it goes crazy as my testosterone levels are naturally too high. Well, if you know me as a person, you have noticed it many ways. The only thing in me that fits for women style is looks, my attitude and character has nothing to do with it, tho.

Lately I’ve thought about aging again. I looked myself from mirror and asked how old do I look? Well, I have always been very bad with guessing the age of anyone. I really feel the age is most of number, when we talk about adults. You are as young or old as you feel to be. And so many things affect how do you feel, as you know. And so many things affect how old or young you look, actually.

It was so much easier when they asked to see your ID when you wanted to buy a bottle of wine, right? Today they ask it from everyone to keep it simple, so there’s not easy game to boost your feelings about how young you do look. But.. there actually is! It’s all in yourself, as all feelings have been made in your own system. Other people can affect it, but you process it all by yourself. So keep your mind open for more positivity and get rid of the unnecessary stress you are possibly carrying about aging.

We all get older and we all die, that’s something we just can’t avoid. No matter how many surgeries or facelifts you go through, one day you will die. Face the fact, you can’t hide from it. My choice is getting older natural. I am not interested in botox, filler or facelift. To be honest I am scared of them after so many spooky results I have seen. And same time my opinion should not make you avoid botox or something else you want to put on your face. It’s your own life. I still wish you make research from trusted sources before putting anything under your skin, as I appreciate brainy people more than stupid ones. And I wish you will take responsibility of your own choices and own action. That’s the greatest part of being adult and getting older; getting smarter and it’s nothing you should be ashamed of. Let’s be proud of your age no matter the number. Let’s be proud of yourself despite any numbers of its.

My goal is definitely my Mimi who gets compliments of men she looks 14 years younger than she actually is. COME ON!!! 14 YEARS!!! That’s something. What’s her secret, then? Her smile and most wonderful character. That’s the recipe to look young forever, let’s try it!

My another goal is definitely my friend Marlene, who goes to gym 4 times in a week, and we have 40 years age difference! That’s another something, dang it! She rocks, she definitely rocks with her attitude, looks and style.

And same time my goal is just being me. Never getting ashamed of my body what ever it will be. My goal is staying brave, showing my legs with bruises and scars, and those lumps and bumbs despite the age. Dang it, babe! Let’s get inspired by others, but keep boosting YOUR own special SELF!