My rescued babies have taught me a lot. When I rescued my BenBen 6 years ago, I had no idea he would help me to handle my own past and traumas. When I was a child I couldn’t believe anything would ever heal my wounds up. When I was a teenager, I knew very well it would never happen. Older I became, the stronger I accepted my past and by that my life the way it was. Doing charity helped me to keep breathing and carrying myself no matter what. When I heard about BenBen I felt a huge need to rescue him and save his life. And I followed that feeling. Taking care of him, loving him and giving him everything he has ever needed, did not itself helped me to handle my own issues in my past. He did. I felt a deep connection when I first time lifted him in my arms. He was so scared, he shivered and barely breathed. It flew me back to my childhood, and many painful memories popped up. I felt his fears and his unbelief in myself, and I just wanted to heal him up with my love the way I wish I would have been loved when I needed it. And I knew I could, and I never stop believing in myself. Because I knew I am loving person, and I knew the love always wins.

When I flew to USA last December to rescue Picasso, I expected to meet even more difficult little baby than BenBen was. And I did. He was an aggressive one. The understanding and patience BenBen has taught me helped me a lot to handle this little predator. I needed to handle his fears because he couldn’t handle them himself. Once again I was standing in my childhood, in my old room and feeling the horror around. When he bit me, I kissed him and sang him to calm him down. He didn’t calm down but bit me harder and harder until understood I am not going to hurt him. I needed to watch out his legs with luxating patella and angular chest while holding him, I was stressed he jumped down if I don’t hold him tight enough. And same time I needed to make sure he felt safe and comfy. He didn’t allow collar or clothes when I first time met him. He was afraid of men and bit and barked them. He was a stressed little boy with rotten ear and bad left eye he couldn’t see with. Once again I was standing in my childhood and felt the pain and sorrow in my soul. I felt his fears and unbelief, and I just wanted to heal him up with my love the way I wish I would have been loved when I needed it. But I never were. And I knew I could, and I didn’t stop believing in myself. Because the love always wins and it won this time as well.

Before I rescued BenBen I was award of animal cruelty. But not the way I am today. The truth of the world and humanity today breaks my heart and burns my soul very painful way. And it’s not just about animal torturing but everything: human trafficking, famine, poverty, homelessness, all illnesses, child murders, mental illnesses, puppy mills, human rights.. We need to keep fighting all together, the Earth needs us, this world is our responsibility. And we can do it, because the love always wins. All we have to do is love, share empathy and let the sympathy live. We have to get rid of anger, envy and the negativity that eats the humanity.

When I now look at my little nakid babies, my very old BenBen enjoying if his life after horrible past, and my tiny PicaPica loving the life after longtime suffer, I can say it’s been worth of believing in love and never giving up. It’s been worth of keep going despite my own past, despite all horrible things I have went through. It’s worth of being alive, it’s worth of keep fighting for them who need us. And I will, because the love always wins.