For myself the trust and empathy is everything, indifference is a poison to me for all possible ways. In all kind of interpersonals not only in a relationship, but also what comes to business relationships, friendships and family relations. I have screwed up in my life in past, and I believe it’s part of growing and self-learning with everyone. But never it’s an excuse. After all despite the age or situation, we have to be ready to take responsibility for our own action, for our words and for our own attitude. And knowing when it’s time to apologize instead of over and over again finding a scapegoat. And also, in my mind it includes accepting the fact that not always you can have what you want. I myself fight till the end as I am very ambitious and determined person. But still there is a point when you have to understand to stop and tell yourself the only healthy option left is letting go. Stopping doesn’t mean same as giving up and letting go doesn’t mean same as failing, instead sometime those are the only ways to win when the game is getting to be over.

I would say it’s very similar when you are reaching a job you feel belonging in, as reaching a person you deeply, even desperately love and would do anything to have them. But if everything in life went the way you wanted, would you really be happy in the end? Probably yes if it has asked lots of work and you have done that without giving up and pushing yourself through every single limits, but after all; what’s enough? And also, what are we ready to sacrifice for getting it all? If you don’t stop and think about those things before you act, you better not whine at your 40s or 50s or so if you don’t have the love of your life beside you and your dream job has burned you out.

There’s a huge difference between deep self-searching and responsibility meaning facing yourself, versus running away when problems come up and fears take you over.

Which person are you when the game is close to be over; The honest and responsible one or the one who disappears and runs away?