After all the truth is we arrive to this world alone, and we will leave from here all by ourselves. There are million things people around can do for you to make you feel comfortable, loved, happy, safe.. but nothing that they could do to save you mentally permanently. That’s our own personal path we all have to push through, as I believe, even once in life. And when I am using a word “mentally” it for sure sounds a bit tough for some of people, but let me tell you that when we are talking about mental burden it consist all the areas we are having on our mind and what we are carrying on our shoulders: stress, sleeplessness, worries, different kind of difficulties, diseases and disorders as well..

The truth is, that if you are not ready to heal, you are not ready to heal. People can bring you to hospital for avoiding you violating yourself, they can pour your drugs and booze away, but if you are not ready to help yourself, no one else can save you either in long term.

Where I am coming from is not a beautiful story. I have never wanted to be dependent on anyone as I have understood already at a very young age that after all we have to carry ourselves. It would be ideal to have someone to lean on due hard times, but expecting that someone brings you away and fixes all your problems is not possible. They can bring you away, but when you are there, in away, you will be there with your own mind again.

The very same thing we people stupidly think when we want to go for a holiday. We think we can just leave everything behind without understanding it’s actually waiting for us when we come back. And if we decide to not, it by time comes haunting us till we whether give up with life or decide to face ourselves.

Saving yourself first before giving yourself to someone is one of the most precious thing you can do the other half. Even if it asks a broken heart. You can’t go back to history, that’s true, you can’t change things that happened there, so just allow it. But do not allow closing your eyes from the truth looking you back in the mirror. Closing your eyes doesn’t make it disappear and one day you have to open that Pandora Box anyway. With yourself, hopefully by having someone by your side. But not anyone else can fix up what comes out from there. That’s what you have to do, you have to save yourself first.