Such an interesting question for someone who has never experienced a real true deep safe romantic and passionate love. Such an interesting question. So how the heck could you know how to react to your own feelings when you get totally messed up with your own mindset even when thinking of someone? Should you run away because your shitty past keeps haunting you till the end? Well, it will anyway keep haunting you, so where’s the sense in that? Should you just go for it without thinking? Well, I myself WANT to be smart and protect myself. Well, protect myself or my heart or my feelings? Oh, how could I say as there has never been anything to protect in myself, really. There has never been a heart loving the way it could get broken by someone else’s action, there has never been romantic feelings which could get destroyed. So who the heck I am talking about it? No one. This is really ironic to be honest, isn’t it?! With so many things I can give you some advises, but never ask me anything about relationships. You know, I already almost made a vow to becoming a monk.

But yes, I keep thinking I can’t be the only one who has some battles like this even in once in life. What should you do? We live only once (well, I wish so, this life really is all enough for me). What the smartness matters? To me it has been everything. Why? Because I never again want to lay on the floor with broken bones and tasting and smelling my or someone’s else blood. So, what could I say? What should we do? Take a deep breath and go for it, or run away?

Have you even been thinking what if YOU were the winner next time? This was the biggest question anyone has ever asked from me. Think about it. I really do.