Am I weirdo? For sure. On my mind there’s lots of questions, lots of answers and always some researches going on. I live from facts, I life from information, I live from my values more than personal emotions which is painful for myself, but it’s worth it as it grows my empathy. Empathy. Why it’s so hard to find these days? People keep sharing their thoughts and opinions, tips and comments without thinking how does it affect to the target. That’s rude as typically human is a very sensitive for that, sensitive for their environment and different kind of triggers. I know that personally, as I was like that when I was a child, I was a normal, until I got destroyed by humans. Over and over again, till I got used to it. It’s different when it happens to three years old kid and abuse keeps going, than for a teenager or than for an adult. But it’s always wrong, terribly wrong and we should never allow that. But younger the person is, more vulnerable they are and more difficult it is to get fixed up.

So instead of crashing each others up we should keep protecting each others. We are humans, we are the same despite the nationally, skin colors, health status – we are humans, we are equal. Instead of attacking each others, we should stand up for each others.

When you feel negative feelings, ask from yourself why are you feeling these, whatever feelings right now? What or who made you feel that way? Was it really something or someone outside of yourself or inside of you that crated the feeling in you now? What does this all could mean? Think deeper. Yes, it’s easier to pour all your feelings and thoughts beating you onto someone else. It’s easier to pick a target and just let it all out without thinking more. And when you do this, do you know what you actually do? You do exactly the same thing that earlier made you feel them negative feelings. This way you only keep the negativity going on, not really letting it go, but recycling it.

Even if I grew up in a cold atmosphere surrounded by lots of negativity and anger, I didn’t become an angry or a cold person. We have to remember we humans always have an ability to choose what we are and what we aren’t inside. We can’t choose our roots or DNA, but we can choose between right and wrong, between good and bad, between positivity and negativity.

It’s your choice every single day.