“I promise you”. So easily people keep promising – without actual thinking, and then breaking them up. Just like with vows after saying “I do”. What does it mean for modern human being to say “I do” and promising something, promising anything? Is it just like slightly saying “I love you” for everyone you consider as a fun buddy? I am old fashioned and that’s what surely makes it more difficult to deal with in this world in 2022. Especially when it’s about dating. I don’t easily get hurt, personally, but when I do, it’s something heavy and takes some time to get over it. The biggest deal for me is the trust. Once you break it, it’s very difficult to earn it back. With me it’s possible you never will. I am forgiving person, but I do not forget. I very well understand the difference between forgiving and accepting what has happened. And if I can’t live by carrying it inside of me forever, I just have to end this relationship. That’t the only way to live with myself a fulfill life and we all have right to that as humans.

“I promise you I will never do it again”. And I answer: “Please don’t promise, just show me you’ll keep it”. And showing it takes some time. It doesn’t happen in a day, not in a week, not in a month, probably not even in a year or in years. And not everyone is patient enough, am I myself? Well, I am a human just as we all are, so of course, not always. Sometime it’s just easier to let go. Sometime it’ smartest option to do so, as well. I have done that once, though I was holding up tight and trying for so many years, I didn’t want to be a looser. But ending up a game doesn’t always mean giving up and loosing– sometimes letting go is only way to win for both parties. And then it’s only fair.

As the pure trust is fragile, so is the life very short – and when thinking about this combo I find it the way we should even more carefully think how do we treat each others.

Sending love onto your precious way