What is your favorite flower and why?
Definitely peony as I feel it’s most of the most fragile flower on Earth. It really saddens me for how short their precious life is. Once you put them into a vase, they start opening right away and in few hours they are all open and start losing their vitality. Peonies really remind me of how fragile the life is. But same time this flower offers you such a wonderful experience to follow how lively the flowers can be. When staring at the flower in vase patiently, you are really able to see the whole process from how they reach their full blossoming. It’s breathtaking beautiful, and even life changing experience.

If you won lottery, what would you do?
As my ex used to say on of the most nonsense thing in me for him was that he knew if I won in lottery, my own life would not change even much. I would simple just pay my bills and loans and then operate more support to charities.

If you could live where ever in the world, what would be the place you choose?
My heart lives in London, part of my soul also forever in Moscow. So if there were no any limits, I pretty sure would choose London. But same time I am feeling being home here where I do live right now. This town is one and only place I have ever felt home in this country, so in Finland I would always choose to live here if I could.

What kind of music you listen and why?

I am probably odd what comes to music. Well, it’s pretty much the same thing with movies; I get in stuck with them I mostly like and I just keep listening them as a loop. That’s one of those few things that helps me to reach my zen mode and flow by that. My favorite artist is one Swedish young male singer and songwriter, he is not very known but hopefully one day will be as his music is something very, very powerful many ways and his voice touches me the way not any other artist has ever touched. I am right now listening his albums while writing. But, what comes to the genre of music.. I am not sure about genre but songs which have a very strong story behind and contains lots of emotions I like most. I love classic music and piano and violin are my favorite instruments. Nonsense music I just can’t listen.

Why do you pose so much in underwear?

Well, let’s take it the way that I do appreciate the beauty of a human’s body and mind and that’s my own way to express myself: combination of pictures and descriptions under my posts. I have done this for a long time no matter in what shape I have been, so I would say to me it’s just my kind of art. I have loved camera all my life, I find it one of the most fascinating investment in the world. I would do the similar posts as well if I was a man.

What’s your favorite outfit?
Haha absolutely comfy pajamas! I am mostly dreaming of Care Bear and Peter Pan pajamas right now. I really mostly love pajamas, ah, they are just the best. I could wear them all day long. Sexy lingeries and robes are my second favorite thing.
– – –
What relaxes you?

There are several things, so let me separate them a bit to be more understandable:
• Spa nights (I love home spa evenings all by myself; face mask, hair mask, candles.. )
• Reading my favorite books before bedtime and also reading for Picasso
• Slow, comfortable outdoor activity in winter time, more active sports in summertime
• Baking and cooking
• Writing (I desperately need a BIG cute diary!!)
• Building beautiful, happy, but challenging puzzles
• Feeling the nature close to me
• Animals
• Loving friends, them closest ones I consider my family
• Painting and drawing

Your favorite drink and food:
Water and tea. I do not like sodas, neither juices or coffee. I also don’t use alcohol. My favorite food.. well, I like pretty odd stuffs, more natural and clean the food is, more I like it.

Your favorite movie genre?
You kidding me? Oh, definitely cartoons! Damn, I can’t say that as not all cartoons I like, to be honest most of them I can’t stand LOL. This is difficult! Few years ago I would have said psychological thrillers, as this is what I loved to binge-watch with my ex, but I don’t like to watch them, neither horror, by myself and I am not a fan of having movie nights with someone else. I am odd, I find moments like that being very personal so I am not watching movies with anyone, only with close ones. But back to the genre.. I would probably say an action. But it has to be very good one for keeping my interest up. I never waste my time for bad movies.

Things you just can’t stand?
Oh, there are several things after those common things you already know if have read my blog for longer than a week. For new readers, just FYI those common things are stupidity, jealous, selfishness, lack of empathy, negativity, any kind of cruelty, violence, egoism, narcissism and irresponsible behavior and action.
– – –
Other things to add on my ‘I can’t stand’ list:
• Drama in real life
• Dirt (eww, eww, ewwwww!!!)
• Hairy things
• Bad smells
• Nonsensess
• Two things what comes to tattoos: colored ones and nonsense-tattoos meaning them meaningless people take just because they think they are beautiful or so, with not really a personal message/story included
• Women drinking beer
• Smokers, neither drugs
• Then damn copy cats
• Lazy bums
• Stalkers
• Gossips
• Women drinking beer (is it odd? Well, I find it as awful as farting with no shame)
• Smokers, neither snuff (ewww) or drugs
• Then damn copy cats
• When people keep their toothbrush in bathroom in glass or on top of sink, geez it makes me feel sick
• Smokers, neither drugs
• Plastic dishes

Your favorite season of a year?
Ah, I am a summer girl for 100%. I mean I do love heat, so I would say summer. But I also love spring very much; noticing the first signs of spring like seagulls arriving to the town I live in, feeling the first warm sun shines on my skin.. ah, it’s really something.

What are you dreaming about?
My forever dream is that one day this world would feel better and have a healthier balance. It asks so much from the human so I keep dreaming of a change which would enable the common wellbeing all around the world. That’s why every single day, no matter how tired or unmotivated I am, I make sure I do even one good thing to improve this goal on my own. I understand very well how fragile the life is and we never know how much time we have left here, so I keep working for that dream and goal carefully. Because the same way my another dream is that once I’ll die I could have a peace by knowing I have given my all and by that rest in peace. I also wish one day I could found my own orphanage for helping more children the way I am the best at.

And if we talk about them another, different kind of dreams, I really would like to go somewhere I could see wild animals like lions and elephants living their life in their own environment.

Do you have any addictions or obsessions?
I do. Well, I would probably call them more like neurosis than addictions, but obsessions they may could called as well.
• Cleaning
• Organizing things and keeping everything in order in my life
• Having routines

Are you social?
I am not. I am very good at social life, but it really doesn’t give me any pleasure, being social is just part of my career and I have to keep my channels up, but I have no interest in creating new relationships or so. I love to have my own tiny circle around me, it gives me happiness and enjoyment, but especially these days I am very strict what comes to letting new people into my life.

Do you want to have a family one day?
If you mean children, I surely do, but my choice will be adoption. I am too aware of the situation of the world and poor children suffering without anyone taking care of them, I won’t turn my back to them. I prefer give home, love and family for someone in need than choose filling this world up by own genes and DNA. Love defines the family, not the same blood.

Do you stress about aging?
Well, I feel like a kid most of the time so I am not really worried about aging. At times I feel worried about if I have time enough in this life to get everything done, but I can only do my best. I can be pretty hard on myself.