I am tired. I am so tired with people telling me how should I do, how should I feel, how should I not to feel. I would never tell that to anyone. I do share my opinions, I do give my advises, but I would never ever push anyone to do what I feel the best. As it’s not my life, how on Earth I would have any rights to do that? We all have our own life, we all have our own responsibility of our action. But on whose responsibility it is then, when we keep following path that other people pushes us to walk on?

I have never been the person asking advises from others as I have always known, and understood the fact that I do know myself better than anyone else. So why would I choose the path which has not been chosen by my own arguments? I could only trust on my own intuition and feelings after all. I do listen and I am curious to know what others think, but their views really rare affects me the way I would change my mind. Where this power and certainty is coming from? From my very strong values. I would never do against them, if I did, I would only break myself. And if someone is asking me to, those people can go. I am tired with fake. I am tired with selfishness and people hunting some benefits. I am done. I am rather all by myself than with wishy-washy people.

There is no way to brainwash me for anger, bitter or negativity. I am a master of my own heart and mind. If you can’t understand why I do not say a bad word about people who have done wrong to me, let me tell you: why would I? If you can’t understand why I don’t feel anger or bitter for something I been a victim of, let me tell you: I am not the only one suffering, but I am going to be the one who stays strong and use my energy for creating something good instead than poisoning my mind and soul with something like bitter. I do not forgive everything, and I do close doors forever. Accepting something happening is a different thing that allowing something happening. We can’t change the past, but we really can learn from it without losing ourselves.