I keep talking about values so often. Sadly, even if most of people know what values mean in sentence, only very few people understand what values are, what they are for and least about their own values. Why so? Because only few people really do know themselves, have some courage to face and get to know themselves and by that start working on themselves. It is sad, as that’s what we have to do for reaching a balance with ourselves and by that the durable calmness and happiness. Have you ever been thinking why it feels empty after all no matter how much you get to do for reaching satisfaction? You probably thought by reaching a dream body and certain weight you will be happy. You probably thought the happiness would come by finding a spouse, building a house and creating family? Yes, those things can be part of the happiness, but not without understanding the difference between what we want and why we want something, the empty hole will ever be filled.

What could be the most beautiful thing left on this Earth? We humans have destroyed so much. Look around and tell me what’s normal any longer? Well, I guess we are living the new normal right now, but what will be waiting in a future? No one knows. Not many of us care enough to look forward more than what touches their own life. We can hear them telling: “why would I care as I won’t be alive then anymore? Not gonna be my problem.”. How incredible sad. How don’t they see the choices we do today affect with a big mass to the future of next generations a very negative way.

The second thing what we get to hear from those kind of people is: “well, I am just one human in this world, I can’t do anything to change something on my own wanted I or not.”. What an excuse of lazy, selfish mind and human being. What a shame! Are you really telling me that makes it to be acceptable to kick a homeless people on street just because others are doing the same? It’s the very same thing with every single choices we do in our life. Yes, it asks way much more to be the responsible one and recycle for example, it would be easier to put all trashes in a same basket, it’s also much easier just throw it out of window. It’s easier to take than give. It’s more comfortable to use disposable cutlery and dishes than washing the dishes. It’s cheaper to buy stuffs made in Asia, but don’t you whether understand or care at what price everything has produced, actually?

It starts with one, always. And it becomes more when it becomes a teamwork which our specie seems forgotten or then never even learned. We can talk about Global warming, we can talk about animal cruelty, we can talk about slavery and pandemic and what ever, but when do we finally face and understand what is causing every single thing which is wrong on this planet? Our own, pathetic specie: Homo sapiens, also called as a human. Isn’t it ironic to be called as a human in this world where most of us keep choosing the greediest, easiest way; floating with a mass of people by doing what other’s do, choosing an excuse to not care about something, fighting, starting wars, cutting rain forests, supporting slavery blindly.. don’t you dear tell me it’s a nature we need to get changed to get the situation changed. The only thing we need to get changed is ourselves. The solution is not just working hard for fixing things we have caused, we have to get fixed the main thing that keeps causing it all. It’s time to stop looking for a scapegoat, it’s time to open our own eyes to see, realize and understand what we, as a big human mass, have done.

Sometime I get to heard I am only wasting my time for talking about this. I disagree, I refuse choosing the easiest way and floating with a mass. In my life values define everything: My each choices, the way I am thinking, the way I am treating other people, the nature and animals, what I am talking about, the people I am sharing my time with.. Someone can call it as a boring life, but to me it’s one and only right way to live this life for feeling certainty about everything I am doing when ever I am doing. You never know about the results beforehand, but by that I know what ever happens, I couldn’t have chosen better which prevents feeling regret. When you do something from your values, you do something from your heart which just makes you to be a better person. Being a better person doesn’t make you to be rich what comes to money, but it makes your rich in your heart. Not money can buy the happiness, it can only buy things and probably some power and secure what comes to daily needs. That’s what you may have already seen, well, that’s what I have seen.

So if you are still trying to find a way to fill the empty hole in yourself, so desperately reaching a balance and the happy life, let me suggest you investing in values; getting to know yourself and answers for the most powerful questions in yourself: for why. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself and for the world, as by that you will always choose right in life.