There are moments we all feel uncertainty, sadness and unhappiness. We all do have those feelings. Even if that’s the point, that we all feel that way at times, there’s another point as well. What’s that? The second point is how do we make ourselves feel better once those feelings hit, as not always there is someone helping us, cheering us up or telling us we are so much more than we are feeling like in present. We need to find a way, to learn how to tell that for ourselves. And something else, too. We also have to learn how to trust on our own voice when we are telling positive things about ourselves.

If it was easy or happened automatically, there would not be such things like low self-esteem or not so much depression. We all loving ones know how easy it is to encourage our friends to make them feel better when they are on low and feeling blue. But why we can’t do the same for ourselves? Well, it doesn’t work if we don’t trust on our own voice.

Have you ever thought what makes you feel safe? Very often we humans avoid thinking about things we are scared of, we automatically avoid going to places we don’t feel good about and avoid doing things that make us feel uncomfortable. Not always it’s about we dislike those things, but about fears. When we think about things that make us feel safe, we can understand what as well makes us scare. It can be anything; things, places and feelings as well. When you think about it wider you understand how much we humans actually do scare.

How about, have you ever thought what makes you feel comfortable? I mean, not happy, but really comfortable. What relaxes you and makes you feel comfort in certain moments? When you reach your values and understand their roots in yourself, the comfort finds you in your daily life.

And also my dear, what makes you feel special? A special, really? Yes my love, my opinion is that we all are special somehow. Yes, you too, we just have to find some understanding from ourselves to see it and feel it.

My little advice is:

Find out your fears and face them little by little to handle them, for finding a balance in life with them. As not rest of our lives we can keep closing our eyes and running away. Oh well, we can, but it prevents the safety and comfort we need for reaching calmness and happiness.

Do what makes you feel comfortable by following your values. When you do follow your values, you won’t regret or feel unhappiness what comes to your choices.

And then, find out your own specialness. Listen to it, breath it and let it live in your precious self.