So, what’s the love? Well, let me tell you: the love is like a chocolate. It makes you happy and smile while you are enjoying of it, but once it’s over you’ll see what it has done to you. I mean, really. We all know the feeling of craving insanely much some cheesecake or caramel topped gooey brownies. Don’t you? Well, I do. However, there will always be the point of weakness when we say: “oh, whatever, we are living only once anyway.”. And during that wonderful moment when we are gobbling the piece of that wonderful creamy dreamy thing, we basically forget everything else. And what so easily happens? We grab the another piece. And later we ask from ourselves: “Why did you do it? Damn You!”. There are moments we really want to stuff those yummy things into our system, but what if it wasn’t about what we want, but about what we need? Most often we just need some food, some good, nourishing food to get rid of the cravings of sweets or fast food. Why? Because the need behind the feeling is actually the hunger.

So, what the heck this has anything to do with love? Well, don’t you get it? So often I keep telling I am whether super simple or like most complicated person on Earth. Well, I myself would anyway say I am the simple one. At least what comes to my way to explain things the way even kids should understand the point. So, here you are.

Are you looking for love? Do you desperately miss someone touching you, kissing you, hugging you and giving some endless attention to your precious self? Aww, how sweet. Ugh, it’s actually not. Wake up your brain, dude! You are very likely just blindsided. When we desperately crave and want something, we most often forget why are we actually wanting it. Often when it’s about those very strong cravings and feelings, it’s just about filling a hole in ourselves. And when it’s about that, unfortunately it will never bring you a durable happiness and wellbeing. You need to understand yourself first to figure out what are you actually even wanting for. The why. And then you can start understanding the actual need behind your feelings.

If you keep following your feelings only without understanding them and where they are actually coming from, it’s going to be very painful. Over and over again you will find yourself by staring into mirror and being unhappy for what you are looking at. In a relationship you probably are like a canon ball bouncing with your all the time changing feelings from the deepest “love” to the desperation and uncertainty. It can be very frustrating not only for yourself but others as well, so before pushing yourself into love and relationship, it’s better to figure yourself out. Also, it’s important to understand that not anyone can get the real, best impression of you if you don’t know yourself even. The life is way much more than just what we like and what do we want.

It’s the same thing as when eating some candies: eat them for enjoying of them at present and of the feeling it gives afterwards, not stuffing yourself with sweets for filling some kind of hole in yourself.