I just don’t get it. I have never understood it and I don’t believe I ever will. Because when something doesn’t make sense to me, I cannot agree and when I don’t agree I can’t buy it. And when this happens I always ask “why”. The magical question of mine. The question them simple-minded people hate as they have no answers. And who you are without the answers behind the questions that have been asked after you have said your own opinion? I mean, what are you then to anyone? To me very much nothing.

Because, let me explain you; the person who can’t understand themselves enough to standing up for themselves without finding some support from aggression (picking a fight for feeling themes stronger) or running away (changing the subject) is not trustworthy and stable. And when you are not trustworthy and stable, how could you ever been taken seriously and seriously create something better in this world?

I am very tired of those noisy people who keep filling this world with so much to talk about nothing. Internet overflows trolls telling their opinions actually based on nothing but their own weaknesses and unhappiness.
I just don’t get it. What those people get by doing it? By being so full of themselves? By thinking what they say it’s absolutely one and only truth and how sad it is when they don’t even understand what they are talking about. What makes them to want so desperately others following them and agree with them? To me it’s just so odd because I can’t stand someone agreeing with me if they can’t give an argument to answer for why they actually agree.

Everything has to make sense with me, this is why I love to ask; for understanding everything and everyone better, to create conversations to learn more about their personalities. But of course it’s not just about asking, you have to be smart enough to choose your questions well.

I like good hearted people, the smartest ones I do love. But there is either of those features in people having a need to bully and bossy others, seeing themselves better than others. I have also seen those people so often are questioning others which usually comes directly from their own instability and unrealibility. It has made me think that people never trusting anyone and working hard to proof others being wrong are never loyal to anyone else but themselves. And the need of controlling others starting from their feelings to their actions is actually just a cherry on top.

To me the differences between precious personalities is a gift enabling many wonderful things and great conversations. So it makes nonsense to me why would someone so aggressively wants everyone being all over like themselves. I am not going to like something I don’t like just because someone else would like me to like it. I am not going to wear something I don’t like if someone I like would like me to wear it. No, I am not anyone’s puppet. To me it’s totally boring and weird. I prefer be just me and love good persons just the way they are.