Not always we have lots words to say. This week has been very exhausting but let me tell you even if it has taken all the energy out of my system and not easier the next week will be, I have felt the Magic in my heart and soul. The colors of Magic are definitely silver and white in my mind, and of course little bit of pink, too.

So many ways I have seen how cruel and terrible place this world can be for a child, for a teenager, for young adults, for adults, for old people, for animals.. Once again I want to remind you all the cruelty is not caused by the world itself but by the human. So when you face something else but cruelty in this world, be grateful. Feel blessed. Be happy. And keep sharing it. Keep believing there is some Magic hiding in this world. The Magic can be another human being, a butterfly touching your face, the rain cloud, what ever.. You decide to notice it or not. And you by yourself decide to be it to someone else, or not.

Despite all the struggles I am very grateful for having ability to be so grateful and positive person. We all have our battles and difficulties, we all do. But as long as we have some faith and love in our hearts, I do believe we have some Magic.