The winter touched Finland already this week, just a very gentle way, it only gave us some frost. Now the weatherman says real snow would possible start falling on Monday, though. It’s pretty exciting, right! Probably more exciting (odd) thing is that I am actually excited about winter first time in my whole life. Winter at my new home gonna be so amazing many ways. While waiting the winter arriving we have enjoyed of beautiful fall colors all around. It’s been breathtaking beautiful this year.

This weekend at market I found a little cute pumpkin for Picasso, as he is super tiny we decided to share it. Next week I will share a pumpkin recipe for dogs, but now it’s time to share a recipe for a honeynut pumpkin with asparagus and noodle with you all.

4 portions

400grams of honeynut pumpkin
400 grams of asparagus
200 grams of noodle
300 grams of minced deer meat (or big white beans)
1 dl whipping cream
crushed black pepper and salt

How to make it:
1. Split the pumpkin and scoop the seeds and pith.
2. Peel the halves with knife.
3. Slice the halves and cut into cubes.

4. Rinse and clean asparagus, cut and put on to wait on a pot.
5. Shape reindeer minced meat into little meat balls (or big white beans) and place on asparagus.
6. Add pumpkin cubes on top.

7. Add some butter on top and heat the pot up on a stove. Mix well white heating.
8. Lower the heat of stove to be medium, add a little bit of water and let the pot slowly cook to be well-done.
9.When pumpkin cubes is soft, add 1/2 cups of water and put noodles on pan. Let the noodles cook slowly for 2 minutes and turn around.
10. Mix well and add the running whipping cream. And a little bit of heat, mix well and turn the stove off.

11. Season slightly with crushed black pepper and salt. Serve with green salad and white whine if you like.