Someone wrote about booty pants on Instagram last week. She asked what it tells about a person wearing booty pants and she replied by herself and said: absolutely nothing.

Well, I disagree. What we wear and what we don’t wear, what we could wear and we could never wear, tells a lot about our personality – it’s all normal. But does it define us? Absolutely not.

My very simple point is that I am very tired of people using wrong words as the whole meaning changes quickly. There are two simple reasons why this happens:
1. they don’t understand using wrong words (nor whole sentence), which in that case makes talking about it to be just very stupid
2. they are just careless and doesn’t really care what they are even talking about

However, I am just tired reading nonsense on social media. For this booty pants issue I would love to hear her argument. How come? I am now gonna tell you mine as I actually have some.

So, I know many people getting negative feedback about their style. The forever problem of humanity unfortunately, but pretty sure, will be the prejudices. People define someone’s personality by the looks; how do they look and what they wear. Our style most often tell something about us, but it doesn’t automatically tell the whole story. We need to remember there is always a storyteller separated from the target: you and them. And I can tell for sure they are two different things. You and your feelings are absolutely different thing that the target you are looking at and analyzing.

Let’s take a look on my social media >>. What’s the point of it, what’s message? Yes, there is a message actually, but of course it’s hidden and up to see for them who have some deeper understanding inside of their brain capacity. Let’s start about the nickname, most of people never think about it more than they actually think about anything. However, more you read, more aware you get about it, and everything I do, how do I do it and as most important thing; why.

What comes to my looks, I appreciate the human body very much and that’s what shows in my style. I appreciate it the way it is, despite the size, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, anything. I can’t stand the groups separating things, to me we all humans are just one and same. Despite everything. That’s the real, one and only kind of equality I can see and accept in my world. We all matter.

I know who am I and that’s the explanation for the freedom I am carrying in my body and soul. With myself using the ears for listening is much more important than using your eyes for watching the pictures. Because behind every picture there is a story to be told. With all of us. We just have to understand the story ourselves before we can share it.

Who you are and what is your story?