Of course the beautiful sunny days affect my mood, but it’s still not the light and vitamin D only that makes me feel better. The heat gives me energy which may sound odd, as so many say 90F (30°C) eats all their energy up. I should live somewhere else but in Finland to be the best version of myself for 100% of a time. 105F (42°C) would be optional for me in the summer in a daytime and at nights I would like it going down to 68F (20°C). And in the wintertime I wish it would be around 74F (24°C) in daytime and not going lower than 50F (10°C) at nights. Is there anywhere a place like that? Please, let me know where.

However, it’s been rainy in my city for last few days which has made me to dig the bright energy light from the closet to give me lost energy. It helps me a lot. I have also, despite the rain, spent lots of time at patio by sipping tea with lemon and sucking the fresh air into my system. I have also created new recipes like cookies with cheesecake filling.

But still my energy is low on -100 today. If you follow me on Instagram >> you are aware of what happened last night. Picasso needed some emergency as he suddenly couldn’t breath, but was choking. It was such a scary thing and waiting at vet without knowing what was going on, they do not let parents go to emergency room, was terrible. I cried my face off while waiting, I was so awfully scared and I couldn’t stop panicking. It took an hour until I heard anything, he was all good by getting some oxygen which was such a huge relief. We got home after midnight after he had stayed under vet’s eye for long enough, and I was so tired after all panicking and stressing. And so was Picasso. I still couldn’t sleep as I was totally over loaded and couldn’t get rid of the feeling, even if everything was okay now. Picasso slept well all night which was most important thing.

This day had a rainy start again. I was very tensed when got up and felt super tired. The weather was cold and it was very grey and dark outside. It made me want to fly somewhere warm immediately and I fell in dreaming about it a bit. The energy light has been working hard all day again and luckily it’s very warm inside, too. So not that bad.

At patio we noticed a cute thing, it was a little honey bee hanging out there in Picasso’s flowers. We haven’t seen many in this summer which has made me worried about nature, so this cheered me up in a big way. We named him to be Väinö.

In afternoon I kept hanging at patio by wearing my favorite wool socks and watching Väinö keeping himself busy. Picasso stayed close and I felt it was finally all normal after terrible last night.