Oh yes babes, I made it this year! I didn’t only celebrate my birthday, but I did it twice. It’s pretty funny because usually I run away from the day as I don’t have so good birthday memories and creating better ones have been even scary to be honest. Now it very suddenly changed. My grandma asked if I could travel there for my actual birthday June 23rd, it made me incredible happy and excited, and I started to plan my trip.

My birthday is usually very much around Midsummer Day, this year it was afterwards as Midsummer Day is always in weekend. So what now happened in Midsummer Day, was very magical: I received a parcel…filled with beautiful gifts. This brought me to birthday mood in a big way so I decided to make a false start and celebrate my birthday that night.

The gifts my dear friend Antoinette (my Twin) sent me from New Zealand are so amazing that I just need to show them for the world. Million thanks, girl! 😭💖

Yes, those princess wrapping papers are so me! You can imagine how excited I was when opened these cuties. Antoinette and I are so similar, she’s the one and only person (forever kiddo) I know living from toys and cartoons the way I do. And that’s not the only thing we have in common, but she is very strong person as well, such a wonder woman. She has went thru so much, but keeps kicking the butts and shining like a star with incredible life joy and sensitivity. And what else? She’s got some brains!

Even the card was so darn adorable. I can’t stand! All the pink and pastel colors made me so happy.

Of course I started from the biggest one, it was so soft and made me to be very curious. I just had no idea what to expect and when I got the gift opened, it made me scream like crazy. In a second my screaming turned to be tears, such a happy tears when this little cutiepie popped out from inside of a paper. He’s perfect, I love Minions so much! It made me feel so emotional I got the one-eyed one to match with my beloved Picasso. I named him to be Juntus and packed him to be ready for my birthday travels next week.

As all my close ones know white chocolate is my favorite sweets. Look at this, I got so many different Whittakers’s bars and holy moly the flavors, I am still almost fainting when thinking of them (yes, I have already eaten them all). Still, because I am such a kiddo, I mostly loved the white chocolate Smarties Milky Bar, it even looked so adorable. Have you ever tasted it? I hadn’t before, and now I just want it more and more and more. Too bad we don’t have it in Finland, boohoo.

I also got new pill bags fitting on Barbie style. Only few days earlier I was thinking about I need some more of them to make traveling easier and more comfy. I have never seen this kind of pill cases anywhere, they look like little purses and no one can tell it’s medicines inside of them. I love it so much! I am having hard time to remember to take my meds and not always I can remember if I have taken them or not, which makes me double take them at times, if I don’t organize them up. There is a case inside of the bag that has a locker for every weekday and one extra locker for meds you need to bring with to take when needed, like Aspirin. So smart!

Now let’s freak out the way I did. One of the most amazing feeling I can name, is having a friend supporting you, but also sharing the same passion with deepest empathy. That’s when there is no jealous, no competing, just love and care and desire to share happiness into beloved one’s hearts. That’s what a real twin does, and I am so lucky to have mine!

This jacket was created by Antoinette and I (well, by her, I only placed the patches and pins she had picked for me), and is called as ‘Birthday Jacket’. I can’t stop staring at it, it’s so beautiful, so cute, so unique, so pink, so me! I just love it so much!!

The false-start-bday was amazing! It started in Naantali with Picasso, we had some snacks and cold drinks at summer cafe and just enjoyed of heat. We spent there all day, we had little walks and met people.

I didn’t have pizza as I wished on my false-start-birthday, because the restaurant was closed for Midsummer Day, but I didn’t mind at all. McDaddy’s was my open and I had most amazing desserts to pamper myself with. All night I stared at my super cute gifts and felt the happiness in my heart. Being loved feels so good! I also got even more excited about my actual birthday which has never happened before.

I love you, too, my Super Twin. Thank you for surprising me up such a big way! 💖