Greeting from middle-Finland. Picasso has enjoyed and so have I. My Birthday was a lovely one, we did everything I wished starting from cemetery visit and little shoppings at market we used to go every Saturday with grandma when I was a child. Now, twenty-something years later, grandma wanted to pamper his grandkid with his favorite goodies, he got cucumber, strawberries and watermelon bigger than himself. Picasso was so excited! After that we went to see the town grandma was born and she showed me the place their house had been placed over 70 years ago. Now there was a new beautiful house at the same place, but huge stone her mama washed up everyday was still there. Yes, for some reason she wanted to wash even the huge stone at a yard.

As you guys know, I do love history, especially family history, so it was very interesting to me to go there and experience these things in 2020. We also went to see the house I lived over 20 years ago. Everything felt so small now, I can remember when I was a kid all the hills and buildings felt so huge, now it all was so tiny for me as grown up.

In the evening Picasso and I made little visits here and there and ended up on the beach where kids were swimming and fire fighters playing volleyball. We had so much fun there.

It was late evening when we got back to grandparent’s house and after little snacking we went by the lake to enjoy of sauna grandpa has built all by himself.

I got so relaxed, that’s what I needed. Picasso was happiest ever to have a little watermelon party on the pier, his smile makes me happiest woman in the whole world.

I enjoyed some Coke Zero with self-squeezed lemon of course. Ah, what a life! Summer in Finland is such a beautiful thing. I wish it could just keep going and going and going forever..

My 28th birthday was so perfect, travels to middle-Finland was needed and made me very happy. I am already missing those silly people I got to spent some special time with. These moments reminds me how special and precious the life is and that the family will be built with the people you love and who loves you back.

After sauna we had some bedtime snacking and I fell asleep after laughing so hard with grandma. And as grandpa said; who else I ever will be, but such a kiddo.