Oh, yesterday it happened, the snow finally arrived! You know I am not a fan of winter, but snow makes it much more comfortable as it lightens the nature up and makes it look so beautiful. And when you wear up warm enough it’s really not that bad as people think, the snow I mean. Oh, and now I am talking about myself, not about my babbie Picasso. He has made it very clear he is not going to even sniff the air until April again.

Last week someone said it feels like November has last forever, well, to me it feels like it just ran so quickly over me. But yes, last few days have felt like one week long as I have been waiting for December so impatiently!

This morning I was so lazy and stayed in bed for a long time before got up. And when I opened the curtains it was this view saying hello for me. I love this kind of mornings so much! ❤️

The life not been so exciting here, pretty much the same as last few months meaning the health issues, but I keep keeping focus on positivity and happiness as you know me. And that’s the point of this post, totally. Christmas is coming, December will start tomorrow and I am so excited about it. For a reason! This Christmas I’ll be pampered with something amazing, I really have no idea what it is, but let’s say my adopted mama from Canada and also mimi from USA have sent me something. I only know that my baby Picasso is going to get, he will be über pampered this Christmas and that’s what boosts my excitement. But also that I am getting something for myself, too, makes me feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. All my youth I kept thinking how do those Christmases of childhood feels like as all adults said they wish they could still feel the same way again. I do know it now, and yeeessss, I need to say this is probably the best feeling ever! I am most happy to have a family around in spirit despite the huge distance. We already joined mimi’s Thanksgiving a bit online, it was so wonderful. Oh, I am still thinking of all those foods and that damn pecan pie I won’t stop having dreams about.

But, now about December and about what does it mean to me. Well, in a tiny nutshell it means feeling the Christmas all the ways possible. Opening the Christmas calendar every day, drinkin Christmas Coca Cola, having Christmas foods, enjoying of Christmas pastries, admiring Christmas decoration, snow (what a timing!), baking, Christmas songs, cooking.. this all and so much more!

I am totally on Christmas mood! I love to go to mall now (I only do at Christmas time) to feel the Christmas around. I love all the smells from restaurants and cafes luring me to sit down and order something to eat and drink. I love the Christmas songs that makes me to want to sing with (and sometime I do!) and all shops an boutiques around. I also so much love the winter nature despite the freezing cold air. I love it how outdoor Christmas lights make the snow shining like diamonds. I am waiting for the thick ice covering the ocean for letting us to step on it, I love to put my ear against the ice and hear the life of ocean thru it. It’s so magical. I am so excited the campfires and hot drinks in cold weather. Ah, that’s something. I am so much waiting for this all!

Home already smells like gingerbread. That’s how my December always starts, by baking these magical cookies. I took a false start for it this year as I started already today, and next wee I will share my best gingerbread cookie recipe with you all. So stay tuned if you want to try it, too!

Much love xoxo