“Life can change in seconds, you never know what tomorrow brings with. So surround yourself with happiness, love and nothing but positive energy.”

This week has been hard. It’s been hard because of difficult physical pain which is not getting better but worse for some reason. Breathing got more difficult than normally on Wednesday night and my right leg is now for some reason feeling numb as well. Headache is such a nuisance, I feel it on middle of my forehead and behind eyes, and my sight is blur with little black spots flying around. And the nausea is horrible, probably because of pain. I feel dizzy while walking so I have stayed in bed since Wednesday. I get up every hour to move my legs and toes, those are not moving as well as before. This morning I found some bruises on my both wrists and toe. I haven’t hurt them so I am confused. Yesterday I went to market, but after that experience I am going to stay in away for awhile.

Anyway, that’s the reason why I haven’t been active on my social media lately. My only activity has been knitting which is a huge blessing for me at the moment: it keeps my fingers moving and that’s what I should doing now. I have broke up three plates already this week as nothing stays in my left hand. I repeat this stupid mistake as my brains feel like shutted down and the information that says “do not grab the plate with left hand” goes too slowly, and my action more quickly. It’s the same with cooker, I burn myself so darn easily now.

So, what’s behind this? A week ago I got diagnosed with cervical spinal disc prolapse which is pushing my spinal cord. Few days earlier I already got diagnosed with shoulder joint dislocation, and nerve damage later. Now, after an x-ray and two MRIs we know what is going on. Well, I wish this is all and nothing else won’t pop up. The next step is ENMG study, but it’s still too early to make it for trusty results. So I need to wait. But at this point my sense says if this won’t be any better tomorrow, I’ll call to hospital.

Additional this week I had dentist appointment, and as you know, it will take the end of year to get my teeth fixed. It was also funeral flower designing, as you may remember we again had a death in a family this month. Picasso has been such a darling, he’s keeping an eye on his mama all the time and making sure I don’t feel lonely even in bathroom – he runs even to shower with me.

This year has eaten all my energies, but also taught me a lot. And when I get back on my feet physically again, I’ll be stronger than ever.