This is going to be such a quick post about last week of August 2019, as I am tonight/super early tomorrow morning, meaning actually in 4 hours, traveling to Baltic with my mini Picasso. I have had a little crisis with packing this time, because weather has been crazy hot and now the weatherman says it’s quickly getting much colder starting from Monday.

But now about my week, just quickly as pics as I promised!
❤️ Ruissalo Cafe
❤️ Seasonal veggies and cooking

❤️ Day walks and meeting sheep
❤️ Feeling lucky to have these views around home

❤️ Oh! My sis Jamie sent me most beautiful gift from USA. I am still crying!
❤️ And these morning oat meals

❤️ Packing..
❤️ ..And food pampering
Now it’s bed time. Seriously.